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why is assisted suicide illegal?

Is the state that determined to make people who lived alone and uncared for die that way, too?

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    Because it's the dumbest idea ever.

    - How hard is it to kill yourself? Answer: Easy enough for 1 million people to do it each year, without any help.

    - I question the mental health of anyone who would willingly participate in assisted suiside. Either they are not stable, or they won't be afterwards.

    & Besides, that's a tad late to be making friends, isn't it?

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    I did a debate on this: these were my points

    If assisted suicide is allowed on the basis of mercy or compassion, then what will keep us from "assisting" and urging, the death of anyone whose life we consider worthless? What will become of people who, once having signed a request to die, later change their minds, but because of their conditions, their unable to make there wishes known? And, once we accept that only life of a certain quality is worth living, where will we stop? When we devalue one life, we devalue all lives. Who will speak for the severely handicapped infant or the senile woman?

    The main principle of medical ethics is to do no harm: a doctor must not be involved in harming their patient. Without this principle, the medical profession would lose a great deal of trust; and admitting that killing is an acceptable part of a doctor’s role would likely increase the danger of involuntary euthanasia, not reduce it. Legalizing assisted suicide also places an immense burden on doctors. The daily decisions made in order to preserve life can be difficult enough; to require them to also carry the immense moral responsibility of deciding who can and cannot die, and the further responsibility of actually killing patients, is unacceptable.

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    because suicide is a personal choice and helping them is basically part of a murder. euthanasia is another subject all together.

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