When do you think the social responsibility of vaccinating outweighs the personal choice of not to do so?

Let me start by saying I am in no way a vaccine advocate. My daughter is 14 months old and I have had her on an extremely selective immunization schedule since birth. However, I do recognize the role we all play in our local and global communities. If everyone in the world vaccinated I would absolutely, without a doubt NOT have my daughter vaccinated; simply because every other person would have immunity and thus, not vaccinating her would neither effect her nor them. However, that's not the case. Just a few decades ago, diseases that are now nearly eradicated in the more developed countries were common and a dire threat to many children - especially those who were uneducated and/or living in unsanitary conditions (because they could not afford better). So now, with so many people choosing (for valid reasons) to not vaccinate their children, do you worry about these diseases resurfacing and growing to epidemic proportions again? Furthermore, if a virus resurfaces it can mutate and then no one would be immune to it's effects, right? Personally, I am stuck in the middle. I fear the potentially harmful effects the vaccines (especially the newer ones) containing controversial and understudied organic material and toxins could have on my now healthy daughter, but I also feel strongly that it is important for us to maintain a sense of social responsibility to our communities and society as a whole.

What are your opinions on this? If you are a non-vaccinating parent does this question ever enter your mind or do you not care as long as your child doesn't have the shots? Where do you feel the line is between keeping your child safe and our social responsibility? I hope my question made sense. Thanks for your answers. This is something I struggle with often and I am curious to know your opinions. Cheers!


Secretad... no, I missed it! I'll have to look for it on You Tube or something like that. It's almost 2 AM here so SVU would be way over by now. Do you remember the title of the show?

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I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer but you are providing a lot of facts I already know. I am more interested in your opinion about where the line is drawn between social responsibility and your personal choice to not vaccinate. Especially for the people who chose to entirely skip all vaccinations.

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I Luv My DH - Re: "The reason why we have so many infections going around is due to overcrowding and frequent mobility so vaccinating is a manufactured remedy to prevent the spread of disease in this artifcially created environment."

Yes, of course we are living in an "artificially created environment" but then again anything except for however the world was when it was made would be an "artificial environment then. Now that we are in this situation, do you believe we have a social responsibility to try to prevent future outbreaks and resurgences of diseases that have been nearly eradicated?

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Daniella, thanks for your candid and honest answer!

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Daniella - personally, when I talk of social responsibility, I am referring moreso to the diseases an unvaccinated child can spread to someone at risk - like for instance how Rubella is so dangerous for a pregnant woman's fetus. Or diseases like Polio, which to my knowledge can still devastate a person's body, even with treatment (since it is a virus and can only be managed, not cured).

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    My Social Responsibility begins at home with my number one priority, my children. I feel it is YOUR Right as a parent to fully vaccinate or to pick and choose at will, selectively, those vaccines you are willing to gamble your childs life on. WILL I Take that Gamble with my children?Not on your life nor anyone elses. I know the dangers of the diseases and I know the Dangers of the vaccines...I'll take my chances with the disease and allow my Childrens Natural Immunities to build and protect them...Natural Immunity to a disease is Far Superior than any immunity artificially enhanced! I am not vaccinated, my 3 teens are not vaccinated, we have all had Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Roseola as well as the 3 Day measles...all of us have lifelong immunity due to a heightened immune system from contracting these childhood diseases taking care of them Nutrtionally and allowing nature to take it's course.

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    This is something I have been recently thinking about as well - largely because of the Law and Order episode bringing up many things I hadn't thought about - like the fact that a virus can be contagious before there are any symptoms and that it could be spread to an un-vaccinated infant who would have gotten the vaccine but just isn't old enough yet.

    Basically what I decided for myself was that if my daughter was not vaccinated, I had no right to bring her out in public where she could potentially infect infants who hadn't had a chance to get vaccinated yet, or pregnant women who had lost their immunity over the years, etc. I am not entirely comfortable with vaccines because of their potential side effects, but I am even less comfortable with being the cause of some other persons baby dying. I have lost a child myself and I could not bear the thought of being the cause of that kind of pain and suffering for someone else. Sure, it's not likely to happen, but what if it did? I wouldn't want to find out that my "choice" resulted in no choice for someone else.

    Having said that, I don't hold it against anyone who doesn't vaccinate and doesn't keep their kids in a plastic bubble - I just hope that nothing bad ever comes of it for them.

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    My opinion is that herd immunity isn't compromised unless less than 85 percent comply with immunizations. Currently we (US) are at 98 percent compliance. Any social responsibility should be focused on getting the vaccines green and that would encourage more people to comply with immunizations. It has always been a personal choice to vaccinate or not practically since the inception of vaccines. And where is the responsibility to educating those that vaccinate about viral shedding and the possibility that as a carrier, a vaccinated child of a live attenuated vaccine can transmit the disease for up to three weeks after being vaccinated.

    Source(s): non vaccinator nurse married to a nurse
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    I don't feel that an unvaccinated child poses a serious threat to anyone. Even vaccinated individuals can be carriers of disease and being vaccinated is not a 100% garantee you will never get the disease.. My children are not fully vaccinated, but not because of personal beliefs. The fact is, even if no one avoided vaccines for personal reasons, there will still be those who do not get them for medical reasons (allergic reaction, allergic to eggs or other ingredients, on chemotherapy, etc...) so there would never be a time that every single person was vaccinated.

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  • Lisa
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    My children are not vaccinated. I am doing society a favor by allowing my children to remain healthy, intellectually and socially intact, and at low risk of chronic disease. This way, they won't cost society tons of money in health costs, and they will be happy, healthy, fully productive and contributing members of society.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well if you look back in history you will see that the cause of viral epidemics is actually the following: unsanitary living conditions, unclean water, malnutrition and OVERCROWDING is a very big factor where virus and bacteria can be easily passed on and not choosing not to vaccinate. The reason why we have so many infections going around is due to overcrowding and frequent mobility so vaccinating is a manufactured remedy to prevent the spread of disease in this artifcially created environment.

    Viruses are always mutating wether or not we choose to vaccinate, why do you think we always catch colds and flu?

    The reason why those organic material are used is so that the virus in the vaccine can survive, what i really question is the use of toxins such as mercury and aluminium as preservatives, are they really necessary.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am aware of the risks that come with the vaccines. I thought about it for some time before deciding that the benefits outweigh the risks - not only for my children, but for others too.

    While an unvaccinated child may not be a threat to a vaccinated one, I couldn't forgive myself if my unvaccinated child passed on measles to an infant not yet old enough to be vaccinated (and died as a result) or rubella to a pregnant mother. From what I can tell, situations like that, or a situation where my child may contract one of these preventable diseases, are more likely than a severe reaction to the vaccine. I have no intentions of testing their natural immunities - if our natural immunities were strong enough, they would never have invented vaccinations.

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  • pozzi
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    Obviously, that might be my accountability. This certainly implies that I attain the advantages from the well offerings and the penalties of the deficient offerings. I can not, and I refuse to, agreement this accountability out to govt at any stage.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not everyone believes that vaccines even work...nor that they erraticated certain diseases. Therefore your question is merely based on theory..not actual fact. I would encourage you to check into other sources and get both sides to help you reach a conclusion.


    "Mary tocco" video



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  • 1 decade ago

    I feel strongly about vaccines ... Especially, after I lived in Tanzania and saw the effects of some of vaccine preventable diseases ... it also was tragic to me that government programs would provide free vaccines, that people WANTED ... but couldn't get to the location of the vaccine - wet season, no money, sickness, no transportation etc ...

    I can come up with many many examples of social responsibility - but one is the infamous MMR ... the viruses in MMR are not especially dangerous to children and adults ... they ARE dangerous to fetuses. MMR like all vaccines do not provide 100% immunity ... about 98% of people who are vaccinated properly for MMR have immunity ... about 2% of people need an additional booster (thus, why pregnant women and those for TTC appointment are tested for antibodies). The biggest concern in that vaccine is Rubella (German Measles) ... by vaccinating against MMR we have prevented most tragic cases of Congenital Rubella Syndrome ... many end in miscarriage/stillbirth ... those that do not can end in blindness, deafness, cataracts, mental retardation etc....

    In the end ... we are lucky that parents are able to make their own decisions about their children's health ... however, I DO think people need to throughly think about their child's health and public health in general ... I have to say I truly like and respect your question ... I often talk to my husband about exactly this - and I often don't think it is given as much thought as it should be.

    I just have to add - there is one virus that we cannot eradicate ... that is tetanus. It is not transmitted via human-to-human contact ...

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