Animal Crossing Friend Code!?

Would someone be willing to exchange friend codes with me please??

Name: Tanika

Town: Helsinki

Friend Code: 2192-5643-5455

Would be very much appreciated; thanks


So sorry ladies. I have wild world and now after trying to add you and recieving the message "invalid friend code" Im to assume you have the City Folk version of animal crossing. My appologies.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ADD US :)

    ****Friend code: 2278-4187-6359

    **Name: Randy

    **Town: Xanadu

    Fruit: Apples,Coconuts, (Peaches, Cherries, almost ready)

    Gates open quite often!


    ***Friend Code: 2922-5880-1830

    **Name: Nichole

    **Town: Xanadu

    Fruit: Apples, Coconuts, (Peaches, Cherries, almost ready)

    Gates open quite often.

    Add US BOTH and we WILL ADD YOU back ! ;)

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