Is it possible to graduate high school without obtaining all the community service and sports credits?

Since the American School of Correspondence's (homeschool) high school graduation requirements don't mention the need to obtain community service and sports credits that all non-homeschool students need, can one undergo 9-11th grade in a public school with no community service or sports participation, complete 12th grade via the ASoC, and receive a high school diploma?

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    Private schools set their own graduation requirements, so whatever requirements the American School of Correspondence has are what you'll need to do. They will decide if what you've done in 9th - 11th grades satisfies their requirements. If they don't list the public service and sports as requirements, you won't need to them. In my area, the public schools do not have public service or sports participation requirements, however, they do require a minimum of two years of PE. The student needs to pass a physical fitness test to then stop taking PE. Some schools allow students to waive PE if they're on a sports team through the school. I do know of one private college preparatory school that has a public service requirement. The students there choose a service, then do that rather than school for 4 weeks in their senior year. That requirement is very unusual.

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    Yes, it is possible.

    From American School of Correspondence/s website, it sounds like your plan would work with them. But I'd check with them to be sure.


    Many homeschoolers set their own curriculum and requirements and their parents grant their children their own diploma when they feel the child is ready for it. So, you don't necessarily have to use a correspondence school... Just check on the local homeschooling laws and regulations first....

    Good luck.

    Source(s): homeschooling parent and evaluator
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  • Yes, it is possible, and no, not all non-homeschoolers need these credits. The schools in my area do not require them, and I know of a lot of other public and private schools that don't require them either.

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    I don't know of any high school that requires community service or participation in extra curricular sports to graduate.

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