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which is better a chevy hhr or a honda crv?

which car is better a Chevy HHR or a Honda CRV? like both but wanted to know which is better including everything you have experienced with them?

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    Honda in my opinion. If you have the time, rent one of each for a weekend, but I think a quick test drive of both will convince you, then check Kelly Blue Book for resale values on each.

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    Chevy HHR is better than Honda CRV

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    I bought one recently, 2002 model automatic, 82 K miles for 4000 dollars. Do your calculations. Mind you Honda CRV is an excellent car , just don't buy with so many miles on it and don't pay so much.

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    The CRV will have a higher resale value, the engines are much simpler to work on, the cost of ownership is a lot lower, and the parts will be cheaper. Support the American economy because CRVs are built in OHIO and HHRs are built in MEXICO.

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    Well, all things considered between the two, I'd check edmunds to see what features they have that appeal to you.

    I've driven both after doing brake jobs on them at the shop, and as a GM guy, I will always be impartial to a Bow Tie.

    As for general longevity though, just make sure that you actually look at the owners manual and do the maintenance when it's due and either will last you a very long time.

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    Honda and Japanese cars in general are weaker, cheaper and overall crappy cars. Chevrolet produces quality cars i would definitly go with the HHR, its small, nice, retro and doesnt waste a lot of gas. On the other hand the CRV, personally doesnt look nearly as nice and is made mostly of plastic so it isnt strong.\

    Good Luck

    Source(s): Know People that own them both
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    u like them they are but azz ugly the hhr is like a bigger squarer pt loser i didnt think american made tht ugly of cars but luckily there are only 2 ugly ones but the crv is also but azz ugly so go out and get urself a camaro the v6 gets great milage, reliabitly, power, looks everything this will rock ur world

  • Tony
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    The HHR is junk...complete junk. I'm a die hard GM guy and even I'd take the CRV.

    Source(s): Fbody and C5 owner
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    Honda. Not only better on gas, the value does not drop as much compared to a chevy when driven off the lot

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