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How do i remove AVG and System security?Computer experts?

I think the resident shield alerts from AVG and the System Security program is disabling most of the things on my computer including some features on the internet.I tried to import pictures from my camera to the computer and it won't allow it.So i can't import pictures.On myspace my profile song and other people's profile songs won't play,and there's nothing wrong with the site because my friend said from her computer its fine.Please help me.What can i do to get rid of these programs and anything else that may be causing these problems?


also,when i'm on youtube or project playlist the volume works fine and the songs run normally but when i go on myspace everything is messed up.

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    Hi ! You are in a big confusion here ... let me put it simple ... AVG is the good guy ... And System security is the bad guy playing "Its a wolf"!!

    System security is a fake antivirus programe that makes you buy it by generating fake alerts ... Download and Install malware bytes ... Run in safe mode, update and run a full system scan ... If avg is detecting system security, just let it take action on it ...

    Contact me for assistance.

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  • 4 years ago


    Source(s): Perfect Antivirus Protection Suite :
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    Yeah... AVG is a bot "noisy". I recommend that you uninstall it (delete it): go to control panel=> Add or remove programs=>Look for AVG and double click it.

    Then try installing a better program like Kaspersky, BitDefender or Norton.

    Good Luck !!

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    What it sound like is that the program keeps starting up at starup. What you should to is either go to: Control Panel, Add or remove program, and find the program and remove it, or click start, click Run, and type in msconfig (Exactly like this), and then click the startup tag at the top, and find the program and uncheck it. hopefully this should work.

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    definite, of course you are able to. If it won't enable you to then could use Malwarebytes antimalware or Hitman professional. finished information on a thank you to get rid of device gadget virus out of your laptop on the link under. stable success!

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