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is it just me or is obama the worst pres. of all time?

this cap and trade scares the hell out of me. higher prices for all goods and services for 100% of the population. i thought he said tax break for 95% of tax payers. i guess break ment off in your ***.


i guess i didnt put enough detail, obama with the worst congress ever scares me. u can trace the downward spiral to the last mid term ellection in 2006, when the dems took over congress. bush 1st. 6 yrs. were great.

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    It is just you...and a few "Generation Joshua" brainwashed cult-evangelicals or right-wing fundamentalists who keep pushing the "smaller government" propaganda (it means "NO REGULATIONS", which is a large reason for the meltdown of our financial and housing systems) and their upside-down economic "plan" that has failed for all three Republican presidents who tried to foist it off on the American public (remember the savings and loan collapse?).

    You may WANT President Obama to be the worst; however, he is so far ahead of anything the Republican party has had to offer since Lincoln and he has only been in office for six months fourteen days.

    Let's see what messes Bush/Cheney left behind for our new president to make better: market/housing/bank meltdown; two wars (one an illegal one that angered other nations, including our allies); torture of detainees, many of whom were innocent of any wrongdoing; trying to de-fund or eliminate our public school system; allowing our VA medical system to fall into a state of shocking disrepair; out of control health care costs, with at least 46 million Americans not covered; the outsourcing of all our higher paying jobs to other nations just to cater to greedy Republican CEOs; tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% of Americans, thus allowing our national debt to grow out of contol; poor diplomatic ties around the world, with the Muslim world believing the U.S. was "at war with Islam" because of Bush's strong focus on a very fundamentalist version of Christianity as the only valid religion---a very dangerous situation; incompetent lobbyist appointees to run vital agencies (such as Homeland Security, FDA, FHA, OSHA, etc.)...need I go on? President Obama has had more crises with which he has had to deal than any other president in our history. President Clinton had a Bush mess to fix, to be sure, with the collapse of the Savings and Loan industry, loss of our manufacturing base, job loss, record numbers of homeless people...and he was able to fix it, leaving office eight years later with a rebuilt and stabilized savings and loan industry, the deficit paid down by $362 billion, 2.2 new jobs created, and a $271 billion surplus---all squandered under eight long years of Republican waste, fraud, and greed. The Cap and Trade that Bush/Quayle pushed through was poorly written, according to some economists, but this current one has a chance to bring in up to $300 billion in revenue (with 10% of that targeted for start-up costs), and it is tied to the alternative energy resources that will be made in America (new businesses, American jobs, American exports to other nations), thus keeping us competitive in the global market. President Obama will have lobbyists for billionaire fatcats coming out of the woodwork trying to discredit him as he moves forward, so don't automatically believe everything you hear or read...I think he is doing absolutely great!

    Source(s): Alan Greenspan, "The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World." "Sex, Lies & Politics: The Naked Truth" by Larry Flynt. "The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy" by ex-conservative insider David Brock. "What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running the World: The People, Corporations, and Organizations that Control Our Future" by Melissa Rossi. "Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism" by Michelle Goldberg. (A MUST read for Americans interesting in protecting our democracy from an internal cult-evangelical coup movement.)
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    Why does the cap and trade scare the other side so much

    We have the same facts

    Oh..yes....they only believe the lies told to them about how much it rethug says $4,000.00 another $3,200.00 another $3,100.00 yet the real facts are maybe...maybe $175.00 that is 1.7.5.

    So it is just you and the 10% of the followers of the party of cons...who use scare tactics to fight a good thing....and looks like it works..they sure do know their people and what to say to them..the people take them all at their word

    And look at the leaders...what a bunch of jokers...what have they truly done for you...what...all those years

    In 2006 the dem took over congress and had one swing vote...Lieberman..the rethugs used the filibuster 100 nothing got passed nor done...look, google...see for self

    Enough....the internet is vast....research and open up the eyes

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    it's just you. Give Obama a chance. It will take awhile to clean up 8 years of bush's messes!!

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    Even some of his past voters now realize he is clueless.

    Obama and congress scare the heebie Jeebies out of me and Now 61% of the population....

    Source(s): myself
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    JUst you, since the rest of us are willing to give him a chance, you have already tried convicted and sentenced him.

    I guess the rest of us realize that the president can only do what he is allowed to do by congress and senate.

    Did you seriously believe he would walk in and cut taxes? He can't do that. But you knew that, didn't you? Didn't you?


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    Herbert Hoover, RonOld RayGun, Special Ed Bush...all disasters

    Obama is the finest conservative president ever

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    Dave, it's just you. That honor belongs to the last comedian to occupy the White House.

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    Obama said he would only raise "income" tax on the rich but he has never said he wouldn't rape everyone in this country with every other tax he can come up with but Ben Bernanke has already said Obama will have no choice but to raise everyones taxes to pay for his out of control spending.

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    If you judge a President as the worst of all time after 5 months in the job, you are not equipped with the political knowledge or even the basic intelligence to be forming a valid opinion.

    Thanks for playing.

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    I came to that conclusion shortly after he took office and nothing he as said or done since then has change my mind

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