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air canada date change policy?

i have my tickets booked on 12th of july to 16th of july from JFK to toronto from air canada while going and delta airlines for coming back. i might have to change my dates to 20th to 24th. do these airlines allow a date change. if yes what is the policy exactly. how much might they charge. what is the procedure? please give me more info if u have on this matter. im kinda new to all this.

thanks in advance

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    It varies depending on the kind of deal you bought the tickets under. If you bought your tickets on line, you can see all of that when you go look up your reservation. Sometimes you can make the changes on line, and sometimes you have to telephone or go through your travel agent.

    With Air Canada, if you make a change ahead of time it could cost as much as $75 plus any change in price between the two tickets, or as low as just the change in price between the two tickets.

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    Aircanada Change Flight

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    depends on the ticket you bought and if travel insurance was included in the price. I suggest you phone the agent that sold you the ticket or the airline

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