Harris County Permits?

We have received the following instructions from the Harris county permits department how much does it cost to get this done? What does it mean?

Our property is in the 1% floodplain they want 2 sets site specific foundation drawings for the development sealed and signed by a Texas Registered Professional Engineer. Foundation drawings should include flood plain datum. Base Flood Elevation, Benchmark, etc. (see attached notes)

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    The first question is pretty straight forward and I will get to it ..But before that can I ask you this...How long have you had this property. Is it in a well know floodplain . If you just bought the property do you have insurance against the deception of hidden capacities . Did this come with a letter that said you had 60days to respond etc. The basis for all this question is this a few years ago the state of texas decided that the property owners of all buildings (commercial/industrial) were contributors to the flood potential by adding tributary area in the form of Roofs and parking lots. Because of this many people had to ,In new construction , provide a retention pond to hold the calculated runoff.

    I am including a link to the harris county rules for floodplains.


    Pay special attention to sections 2.07,4.02,4.04 ..these have to do with the permitting and compliance stages of construction .If you are in the 1% plain that means you are likely to flood once in 100 years . The type of construction permit you get is restricted by this. However it is my belief that if this is old property with old structure then the plat survey with annotations of buildings existing will suffice. The elevations will be relative to sea level and that is the flood plain datum ( or datum line they speak of) The benchmark is the reference to the elevation that is well know by people who do this type of work and they can relate this to your property..Once again let me say that an old building with no plans will not have to be excavated to make drawings of the footings or such...It is highly likely though that you might need to consult an Engineer or Registered public surveyor to obtain proper documents if it is close to or adjacent to some other building that has been compliant to a point...I hope you guys can find help with this dealing with City officials is best done in this manner...Start with "Please Help Me" and ask the lady at the front desk...Never demand anything they have a special place for people who do...the engineers fee for this could be If it necessary to

    1. develop a complete survey of the property < 2 acres 400 dollars..greater than 2 acres get a quote.

    2. Gather data from city about the crossing of ROW right of ways and pipelines <2 acres 300 dollars

    3. develop a drawn topographical map of property with critical appurtenances. < 2 acres 600 dollars

    4. develop for the city the proper filing forms for permits and show compliance with ordinances. <2 acres 500 dollars

    These fees are estimated and can take 7-10 weeks to get all this done..Your first step is to go to the city IN PERSON and ask for help..It could be that you need nothing ..If this is a shopping mall you have ,,well they probably think you need some paperwork done...

    Look in the phone book under Engineers Registered Civil or registered Public surveyors ..get one close to you the larger his seal number the younger he is ...Age generally has it's value...Have a good one from the E....

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    you're doing this backwards. it quite is going to likely be lots extra cost-effective to get the enable, then pass the MH on. Doing it in opposite gets the ire of the community making plans branch and you need to be dealing with some stiff effects.

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