Bratislava to Vienna - cheapest way?

Whats the cheapest bus service or train available?

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    Bratislava - Vienna (64 km/40 miles)

    You can travel from Vienna to Bratislava by train or by bus, in season also on hydrofoil and three times per day (five times during the summer) with the Twin City Liner speedboat. The trains are the fastest option due to possible delays for cars and buses at the border. A regular bus service also runs between the Vienna Schwechat airport and Bratislava.

    Vienna and Bratislava are supposedly the two closest capital cities in the world, only a short 64 km or 40 miles away.

    Trains from Vienna to Bratislava depart from Wien Sudbanhof at frequent regular intervals, arriving in Bratislava Main Station or Bratislava Petrzalka. Both stations are close to the downtown, easily accessible by public transport or taxi. The train ride lasts about an hour and a half.

    You can search the Vienna - Bratislava train schedule here (search for Bratislava and Wien).

    Type in desired date and time of departure and hit Search.

    Buses from Vienna depart from the Sudtirolerplatz Bus Terminal, usually stopping by the Wien Schwechat Airport along the way. They run regularly and the trip lasts about 1 hour 35 minutes (1 hour 10 minutes from the Schwechat airport).

    You can search the Vienna - Bratislava bus schedule here.

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    train will be cheaper but if you're going to be back to bratislava, get ur tickets in bratislava(both ways i mean!), should be cheaper this way!

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    check out

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