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If you have ever done Yoga would you recommend it?

I am thinking of taking it up in my local leisure centre. I am a student but currently off for summer and i think i really need to get into shape. I am quite thin but lately i have been getting backache alot due to be not doing exercise..

So would you recommend it to me ?

Also do you think its best to do yourself in your house instead of going to the lessons?

and what is the difference in yoga to Pilate's ?

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    Yes I would definately recommend yoga.

    As the other people have said you really need to have instructions and supervision when starting out to make sure you do it safely.

    Yoga is basically a series of stretches that strengthens the core and corrects your posture.

    Your back aches will be gone in no time.

    Much of Pilates is based on yoga so the 2 disciplines complement each other.

    I've done a bit of both: pilates is too slow for me to enjoy but the yoga worked wonders and I will definately do yoga again.

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    I've only done yoga on the wii fit but I definitely enjoy it! I think it would be even more enjoyable at your leisure centre. You could maybe go for a block of lessons and then take it up in your home once you know some moves. X

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    If you are a beginner and want try a yoga workout at home first, I would suggest checking out the online yoga videos at They have Diamond Dallas Page's Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals which is upbeat and fun. They also added in some pillates movements so it really tones your body. They also modify some of the positions so you don't have to be able to bend like a pretzel.

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    I've done yoga before but not pilates, so I wouldn't know the difference. It helped with my flexibility and to clear my mind. You should go to the lessons to get the proper technique and poses, otherwise you could injure yourself if you do it unsupervised. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it at home by yourself.

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  • I agree with firt answerer, it is definitely best to be taught properly to begin with as there is so much that involves breathing and technique, it would be easy to do it wrongly , it strenthens your spine and everything else, it also can include meditation and will de stress so worth going to classes, teachers will also answer questions, and look at you as an individual. good luck!

    Source(s): I used to have classes and then do it myself
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