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I was discharged from the psych ward on Monday and I am having suicidal thoughts again?

I was admitted last week by my psychiatrist for suicidal thoughts. I probably would be dead right now if it wasn't for him. I was discharged on Monday but I have to go to a day hospital program three times a week. That's the most I can go because of my daughter, she's in daycare 3 days a week. And I have suicidal thoughts again. They just won't leave my mind. I was walking on this overpass and it's a highway underneath and I was just thinking so badly about jumping down and it took everything to not do it. I am losing my mind. I wish I could just snap my fingers and be dead. I want to die so badly, it's just the doing it that is hard.

Should I tell my psychiatrist that when I see him next week ? I don't want to be re-admitted to the psych ward. What would he do if I told him

I am not being selfish. I know I have a daughter and m ylife is complicated and I have just about had it.

He wants me to attend the day hospital's program of self affirmation and the anger management one and I don't even want to do that. I am ready to end it all. End of my life because I've just had it


I want to die. I have the want, now I just have to do it. I drove infront of a funeral home the other day and there was a funeral going on, and I was thinking how I should be dead, and I am just going crazy

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    hush hush child of god, there is some one very special to you watching over you. I think they let you out of hospital too soon, who looked after your child when you was in hospital? Sending you to all them recovery places is far too much for you right now, you need rest and plenty of it and you need to be apart from you child and see her weekly the most, the holy spirit will protect and comfort her. To some extent she may already know that you are not well.

    Are you sleeping? because this is what you need at night. gosh i'd love to know what really is on your mind. You are very very ill and because no one can see it, it is all the more worse I suggest you see your doctor first thing on Monday and tell him how low you are still feeling, if he has any sense he will know that they let you out of hospital too soon, a very sick person is not supposed to be doing any work, it is that way when some one has advanced cancer and is the same with advanced severe depression, and I am talking about you having to look after your little one who I am sure wants to have you well looking after her even if it takes you having time away from her so you can recover properly.

    You did not tell us who was looking after her when you was in hospital, because I am thinking they will be needed again for you to make a full recovery, part of your recovery process is communicating with your child who I know you love too much via cards, telephone or personal, at a minimal.

    I had this happen to me and my sister now has full custody of my children, it is this way because I never sought help soon enough and went on looking after my children even though I was very very depressed.

    You will not loose your child. But can you see now that it is vital that you discuss with some one that you are still very very sick.

    I can sense your pain and something has to be done so you can recover, I think i know where the pain lies even though you have not mentioned it.

    It will be all right, if I can sense your pain then do you not think that your father in heaven can feel and heal you through.

    See your doctor on monday or even better take yourself to casualty these feelings you are having a real.

    I want you to know that I am feeling your pain and thinking of you.

    May your Father who cares for you and your child bring you peace beyond recognition.

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    I wouldn't wait until next week. If you have your psychiatrists telephone number, I would call right now. You sound like you are locked into a very strong depressive state with very strong suicidal thoughts. I would take your feelings as a sign that things are not going very well. You have everything to live for, but your feelings, and thoughts, are leading you in the direction of ending your life. I know that you are trying to reach out for some perspective, and that is what I'm trying to give you: my perspective. From what little under review, based on what you've written, I feel that you should take action immediately to get in touch with your psychiatrists, friends, family, and other individuals who can ensure that you're going to be safe not just right now, but in the future. Depression can cast a very black cloud over anything and everything that you hold near and dear to you, including yourself. I have seen many people survive depressive episodes that without help would otherwise be dead. I've also seen people not survive the downward spiral of depression's stranglehold. Depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain that can overwhelm and overcome even the most forthcoming and intelligent individual. That is what is imperative to an act to help of others when things become dark and bleak. It seems to me that things have become dark and bleak for you. And that is why you must act right now.

    Please pick up the phone and call your psychiatrist right now. Also, I want you to call someone with whom you trust with your life right now. That person needs to know that you need to help right now. They need to come over to your house/apartment right away. You need others to help you fight off the thoughts that are attacking you right now. If you are not able to get ahold of your psychiatrist and/or the person that you trust, then you need to call 911 and let the professionals at the other end of the phone line no that you're having difficulty with your suicidal thoughts. You will need to do this right now. Do not wait for next week. Your thoughts will not leave you alone until next week, so that is why it's important for you to do this right now. Do it for your daughter and do it for yourself. But, most importantly, do it right now! Thank you for doing this right now.

    Source(s): mental health specialist
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    Give yourself the chance to get the extra help you need. You are looking for a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Things change all the time. This is only a hard season, as it were. The more you resist the temptation you are having the more it will go away. The devil knows which buttons to push and right now he is leaning on this button hard. If you resist him the word says he will flee. I know because ,I have heard the voice of suicide. I resisted and I have not heard that voice again. If one button quits working ,he will give up. Hang in there. If you need to talk e-mail me. Trust me I have been through alot of stuff.

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    Right now, you need to think very seriously about how much you love your daughter and how much it would mean to her to have you around in the future to rely on and in times of need. If you realize that she is important to you, it will help you to ward off those thoughts of leaving her alone in the world without you. She needs you to be there for her, so work on having the courage to help yourself and be there for her.

    Contact your psychiatrist now, and tell him whatever medication you are on, you believe needs to be adjusted, as you are having thoughts of self harm again and want to be able to get them under control. Go to the program he recommends as soon as possible, tomorrow if you can. If you have a personal therapist, call him/her immediately and talk it out. If you don't have one, call a suicide hotline immediately and keep calling every time you have thoughts that begin the cycle of wanting to die. They will listen, they don't care how often you call, they want to help you learn to handle it and get over it, which you CAN do - you WILL be able to do it. Don't give up, you are a precious individual who has a lot to look forward to, don't waste any time seeking out help. Keep on keeping on, it will be worth it!

    Source(s): Call either or both of these right away. 1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-273-TALK
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    Yes, tell the shrink next week exactly how low and suicidal you are feeling. These people cannot help you properly if you do not tell them how you really feel. I would go and see a Dr today though as next week is to far away if you feel this bad.

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    You need to tell your doctor. There is more than your life that could be in danger if you do something reckless. Think of your daughter and anyone else in the vicinity if you lose control.

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  • S P
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    TELL YOUR DOCTOR! You need to be on major medications and probably in the hospital.

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    Tell your psychiatrist. Don't leave your daughter without a mother, either... you need to tell him, you need to get help. Don't do anything, please...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    try saying this prayer, it will help you and give you peace of mind that you have asked the best Dr, which is the Creator of your mind,body and soul. say it as many times as you need to.



    ASK to your Creator in a state that you are CERTAIN that your Prayer will be RESPONDED to, and Know that Your Creator WILL NOT ANSWER REQUEST’S that comes from a CARELESS and INATTENTIVE HEART. Pray onto Him as though you SEE HIM and if you don't see him, then verily HE SEES YOU.

    Never will YOUR CREATOR ALLOW YOUR PRAYER to be lost and the GOOD work any of you be lost, be he male or female.


    O Lord / Creator of my mind, body and soul, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to call upon you today and help me ask You in a way that is most pleasing to You and make this a unique experience for me, the sweetness of which I have never had before, please help me and accept my request O lord / Creator of Mankind and This Universe.

    O Lord / Creator of my mind, body and soul, if there is a way of life which you love over all other ways of life in this universe then please direct me towards it, show me the truth as truth and render me help towards that and make it very easy for me to understand. Show me falsehood as falsehood and help me to avoid that with the greatest of ease. I plead with you today for help and understanding with your infinite Knowledge and Mercy on these matters.

    O Lord / Creator of my mind, body and soul, Forgive me for my past present and future sins and wrong doings that I may have committed, whether it was committed knowingly or unknowingly by me.

    O Most Merciful of those who show mercy, change my bad luck into good luck and change my destiny into a good and pleasurable destiny and shower your Special blessing and Mercies on me and my family and friends.

    O Lord / Creator of my mind, body and soul, you have not Created this Universe aimlessly, you are with blemishes, so save and protest me, my family and friends from all Major Calamities, Disaster, Miseries, illness’s and depression, sorrow and grief and save and protect us from the Evils in and around my life, in this Country and Evils of this World and the Hereafter.

    O Lord / O Creator, save and protect me and my family and friends from sudden major and minor illness, car accident, terrorist bombings, rape, murder, kidnapping, drowning, burning, plagues and poisoning, and something falling on me and that we fall of something.

    O Lord / Creator, Open the doors to my mind, heart and soul and feed me data from yourself and give me knowledge of this world, and of the next world and spiritual world, make it easy for me to understand it, to act upon it and live my life in the best of ways in order to gain your infinite pleasure and that will Extremely benefit Me, My Family, Friends and My Country now and in our future.


    THEN END WITH………………………Amen / Ameen

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have to tell him!!!

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