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why is there a trojan in new yahoo messenger ?

i have spybot search and destroy antispyware on my pc and as i instaled yahoo messenger version it detected trojan win32.delf.jkh which uses rootkit u need to explain this asap. i chose auto kill the process, and delete the associated file, any one know whats going on?


please explain how you know its not a trojan. ps sony a billion $ a yr company spread rootkits via music cds so im right to be ultra cautious..if spybot says it detects a trojan i believe it...i need a full proper explination if u disagree with spybots detection, thanks

Update 2:

i got yahoo messenger via already having the messenger which prompted me to update it. i trust spybot a lot...i challenge any of you to get the latest version of yahoo messenger after u have spybot installed and see if you get same result ..can get both via or

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    If you downloaded Yahoo Messenger directly from the Yahoo website and not another website it is perfectly safe. Though of course one's behavior on it such as clicking bad links, accepting file transfers, opening attachments in email etc can lead to infections. I have the most up-to-date top notch commercial security programs and never has Yahoo Messenger been flagged.

    Some free programs are known for false positives. But if you are not sure where you downloaded Yahoo Messenger from or it got infected by one of the ways infects can spread through yahoo messenger due to infected computers then uninstall it and run scans. There are better ones than Spy Bot S&D which has not really kept up with the technology. Look at Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware. The free versions of these are have no real time protection but are excellent scanners. Run your anti-virus program as well.

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    It is not a trojan.. It must be a string in the program source code that S&D thinks is a trojan. You would think a multi millionaire company would be delivering trojans?

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