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What are the best top 10 companies to invest in?

Hi, I'm 15 and I have a very good amount of cash. I am look ing for a company in the US that's succesful, long term, and a good amount of divident. My plan is to keep investing little by little instead of investing with all my money just incase. I took business class so if you have to use big words you can cause I probably know them. Oh and I know I have to be 18 to purchase but I'm doing under my parents name. Thanks!

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    general mills (GIS)

    proctor and gamble (PG)

    the oil companies pay good dividends

    johnson and johnson (JNJ)

    Pfizer (PFE)

    Eli Lily and Co (LLY)

    good luck, those are some good companies that pay good dividends.

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