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Please rate/comment on these boy names?

Alexander Scott (Alex)

Bennett James (Ben)

Connor Matthew

Grant Christopher

Jared Blake

Shawn Joseph

William Tyler (Liam)

What do you think?

Thanks! Much appreciated!

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    Alexander Scott: 9/10

    Bennett James: 10/10

    Connor Matthew: 8/10

    Grant Christopher: 10/10

    Jared Blake: 4/10

    Shawn Joseph: 9/10

    William Tyler: 7/10

    I honestly like all of them. My favorite would have to be Bennett James.

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    Alexander Scott: 9/10 I don't care for the name Scott.

    Bennet James: 7/10 I don't like the name Bennett or Ben but I love James

    Connor Matthew: 7/10

    Grant Christopher: 6/10

    Jared Blake: 7/10

    Shawn Joseph: 6/10 I don't care for the name Shawn, but I like the name Joseoh

    William Tyler: 10/10 I love the name William and Liam and Tyler sounds good with it.

    Good luck!

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    Alexander Scott (Alex) 6/10

    Bennett James (Ben) 6/10

    Connor Matthew 7/10

    Grant Christopher 5/10

    Jared Blake 8/10

    Shawn Joseph 9/10

    William Tyler (Liam) 8/10

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    Alexander Scott (Alex) 7/10

    Bennett James (Ben) 2/10

    Connor Matthew 6/10

    Grant Christopher 2/10

    Jared Blake 6/10

    Shawn Joseph 5/10

    William Tyler (Liam) 3/10

    Note: Liam isn't really a nickname for william

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  • Alexander Scott 7/10 Classy :)

    Bennett James 4/10 I don't really like the name Bennett

    Connor Matthew 9/10 So cute.

    Grant Christopher 1/10 I'm just not feeling it..

    Jared Blake 10/10 I love it! <3

    Shawn Joseph 2/10 I feel like they don't go together..

    William Tyler 7/10 Cute, not a huge fan of the name Tyler though.

    Favorite: Jared Blake

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like


    Ben James (not Bennett)

    Alex Scott (not Alexander)

    Jared Blake

    Shawn Joseph

    William Tyler (not Liam)

  • Alexander Scott--6/10

    Bennett James--3/10

    Connor Matthew--10/10

    Grant Christopher--10/10

    Jared Blake--4/10

    Shawn Joseph--1/10

    William Tyler--1/10

    My favorites, as you can see, are Connor Matthew and Grant Christopher. I actually know an adorable little boy named Connor Matthew :) Grant Christopher was on my top names list until I replaced Christopher with Oliver.

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    Probably one of the best compilation of baby boy names that I've seen in a while actually. The only one that I don't particularly like is Bennett. I think of Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. It's not something I would think of as a first name.

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    i like Alexander Scott

  • dustee
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    I love--Jared Blake & Connor Matthew

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