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in memory of michael jackson...........?

what is your favorite michael jackson song?

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    Has to be between: Thriller, Remember the time, and You're not alone...

    Man, to actually see/hear that this man is impossible to comprehend! I can remember after, back as a youngster, that after the release of a new song/video we would be in the streets the next day imitating or having dance contests to see who could pop his moves the best...

    I can also remember after when Michael Jackson, first came out at the music awards with the Moon Walk, every one of us couldn’t believe it, “How did he do that, what was that, where did he come up with that?” The next day walking to school, in class, at lunch break, walking home kids were saying “Nah, man he did it like this, watch,” and no-one could quite get it, right…but everyone was doing it and wishing they could be Michael!

    Who of us, can't remember all the dance/look alike impersonators or every one of us wanting a gheeri-curl and sporting the Michael Jackson jackets/ in the streets trying to be just like Michael, for no better reason than we had nothing better to do than imagine we were Michael Jackson ourselves! No man in music or stardom touched the world like this heaven sent angel did!

    Without Michael Jackson there wouldn't have been no break dancing, hip-hop dancing, crump dancing, no true music or dancing that we know of today!!!

    Michael you will be utterly missed and I can't speak for anyone else, but I personally feel that I have lost a great piece of my life with your death and lost a member of my personal family!

    Oh, how "I can remember the times, Michael!"

    Michael should be ever remembered as a great wonder of the world for all times!

    Michael, please know that you will be held in the stars and heavens for us all!

    We love you and you will forever be missed by us all!

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    True fan here--- impossible to answer with just one song, so I have to place them into categories: ahemmm....

    Favorite young Michael/Jackson 5: Never Can Say Goodbye

    Favorite older Michael/Jackson 5: Can You Feel It

    Favorite really old school Michael: The Girl is Mine and PYT

    Favorite 90s Michael song: Black or White

    Favorite Recent: You Rock My World

    Favorite Video: (hands down) Remember the Time

    Favorite beat: Beat It

    Favorite Dance Video: BAD-(especially after the part when he rips the vent out of the wall and the air is blowing on him)

    Favorite sentimental song: Man in the Mirror

    Songs that make me cry: Gone too Soon, Got to be There

    Ok, so of these all things considered, the song that I could (and have) listen to 10 times straight would be The Girl is Mine

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    I still can't believe that he is already gone!

    When I was 11 I even slept with a Michael Jackson pillow!

    Personally, my favourite song is black or white

    But I really want you are not alone played at my funeral:)

    In memory of Michael Jackson

    R.I.P king of pop and my childhood celebrity crush


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    You Are Not Alone & Man In The Mirror along with many more!

    I <3 Michael Joseph Jackson

    RIP Michael

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    There are so much, but my top ones have to be


    Billie Jean

    Beat It

    Rock with You

    Heal the World.

    He will be missed.

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson "The King of Pop"

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    dirty diana, heal the world, earth song, human nature. I CAN'T DECIDE! haha whenever I hear her songs I want to a listen to another one because the other one is so good so I keep switching but they're all amazing so I'm like uhh I'll just listened to them all! I just bought MJ's essential iTunes thing with 38 songs!! I'm listening to the legendary Thriller right now.


    Source(s): I was lucky enough to be enlighted by the King of Pop's music (:
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    I thought I answered this already, or maybe someone else asked the same question..

    Anyway, mine are both Jackson 5 songs - ABC and I Want You Back. I can't decide between them.

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    A Stranger in Moscow

    Dirty Diana

    Dangerous Criminal


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    I've got alot; Beat it,Dont' stop till you get enough,Heal the world,Thriller,Human nature!

    I also loved Jackson 5, I'll be there, Abc,and I want you back

    R.I.P. MJ,don't care what anyone says,he's a LEGEND!

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    Either Thriller or Beat It. Can't decide between those two. I will miss Michael though.. he was a legend.

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