Aerospace or Environmental Engineering?

All of my life I've been fascinated with space--that's why I want to go into Aerospace Engineering. I know that you have to be great at math (I'm okay, but I'm not a math whiz; I'm more of an English whiz). However, I feel that Environmental Engineering may be a little less tougher in the math department. I also don't want to be sitting down 24/7 (I enjoy being outside). I've done research, and it seems that Environmental is more me--but I love space. And planes are awesome! =) So what do I do? Do something I know I'd be great at or follow my dreams and take a risk? Aerospace E. will keep me indoors, I know that. I'm also not sure what I can do to make my math better, other than to practice.

If it helps, I have a GPA of 4.0. My last math class, which was last semester, was Honors Algebra 2. I'm prepared to put in work to do what I want to do.

Here's some of the reasons I'm not sure of what to do:

I love being outside.

I love animals.

I am an amateur astronomer (I have my own telescope).

I enjoy watching meteor showers.

I am an active person, so I do not want to be sitting around all day, every day.

Both are great careers, and I know that they'll be necessary to the world as time goes on.

Any help is welcome, but I'd love to hear some replies from Aerospace or Environmental Engineers. Thank you!

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    consider getting your bs in on Field of engineering and ur ms in another you can do this most of the time but you might need to get caught up by taking some extra classes aerospace and Environmental idk about how they over lap or how you would make a career with a mix of the two but a lot is possible. alot of colleges call Environmental engineering civil and Environmental engineering the civil part might be able to allow you to maby work on some of the concerns in aerospace engineering that include waste management or recourse's or whatever. but if you chose to pick one Environmental would get you off your but and in the Field and i would think there is more demand for it. you can always continue with your hobbies like ur meteor showers hobbies are fun when it becomes work it might lose what it Means to you

    Source(s): i'm going to school for electrical engineering i had to chose between that and mechinacal engineering and poltical science ya the last ones a streach but i looked at alot of options and for now i think i willl get my ms in something else
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