What can physically happen to a baby under the age of 1, if you leave them completely alone. If only for 1 hr.?

I am doing the baby project for school right now. And have to do an assignment on neglect and abuse of children all over. I need to know a few different scenarios that can happen if you leave a baby alone by itself. Like accidents that the baby could have. Or injuries the baby may cause to itself.

Thanks to anyone who posts on this:-)


I'm home schooled. And leave them alone most likely at home. But it could be anywhere.

Update 2:

My schooling goes through summer.

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    -Crying so hard they are not breathing enough; causing brain damage

    -house could catch fire

    -Someone breaks in & kidnaps the baby

    -If there is a pet it could scratch/bite/kill the baby

    -If it is during hot weather baby could overheat & sustain brain damage

    - could electrocute himself by messing with electrical sockets, chewing on electrical wires

    -baby can pull something on top of himself such as the TV

    -could find items which he tries to eat & chokes

    - could fall down & get head injuries, cuts, bruises scrapes broken bones etc.

    -could possibly find & ingest household substances like soap, bug spray etc.

    -could get himself stuck in some crevice for instance in between the wall and the bed, or between the cushions of the sofa; & suffocate

    -could become entangled in things such as shoelaces or something like that; & strangle

    -could fall into the toilet & drown

    -could get bitten by a poisonous spider, snake, insect etc.

    Not to mention all the psychological damage; I mean the poor thing would be very traumatized mentally, & would probably suffer long term anxiety .

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    I'd assume they would be hungry/messy diaper and such. But it really depends on the age because if they are crawling around they are in a great deal more danger of getting hurt than if it is a month old baby who is strapped into their bouncer where they'd probably fall asleep for an hour. If you change the age, (such as 6 months to a year, or newborn to 6 months) it might be a little easier.

    But here is a good example. My stepdad's best friend...his wife left her daughter alone in the room for about 2 minutes at her friends house when they went into the kitchen to get a drink (the daughter was in the living room). Now this was years ago so I'm not sure if they make this anymore, but there was an oil lamp in the living room. The little girl put the wic in her mouth and sucked on it for probably a second. The woman ran to her daughter right after she had put it in her mouth. (I believe they had walked back into the room when she was about to do that...not sure though)

    Needless to say, since it had already been in her mouth and she sucked on it (like most kids do with anything)...she was poisoned and died less than 4 hours later at the emergency room. So yes, leaving a child alone at ANY AGE is extremely DANGEROUS. Hope I helped hun, there's so many hidden dangers. Oh and also her daughter was around a year old or just past a year because she was already walking around.

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    It depends on how old the baby is. A baby that is walking or crawling can get into a lot more trouble than a child that can do nothing but lie there. Honestly, until they start crawling or walking, there's not much trouble they can get into except for rolling off of a high surface or choking on something within reach. But, once they start moving, they could fall and hit their head on stuff; they could fall down the steps; they could open a cabinet door and eat a cleaning product. You could leave the house while they are sleeping in their cribs and probably be fine, though I guess it could fall out of its crib or something ... not that you could prevent it better by being in the next room.

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    A lot of bad things. They can drown,fall and break a bone. If the home isn't child proof,they can get into chemicals in the cabinets,stick things in electrical sockets,eat non-edible objects and choke. Not good for a child to be left alone.

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    Never leave a child alone ... Even if they are sleeping.. Anything could happen a Fire.. Power goes off ,, There are many things you would not even think about... Even if you just go outside always have a monitor close by so you can hear any noise's the baby can make... they could choke,,, or just wake up scared .. Please never leave a baby alone..

    A Caring Grandmother

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    the house could catch on fire

    the baby could fall and hurt themselves

    the baby could electrocute themselves

    someone could break in and take the baby

    the baby could burn themselves

    no one that is a good parent would ever leave a baby of any age home alone.

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    All of the above, not to mention that the poor thing could be crying for something and being left all alone?? Yikes, I can't even imagine leaving any of my kids alone for even 10 minutes.

    Source(s): Mom to 4
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    in my point of view, anything could happened to a one year old while alone for an hour. they can find something like a small object, put it in their mouth and joke on it. They can stumble and bump their head on an near by object that is sharp or very hard. Anything you name it.

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    If the baby can walk, or even just pull up, he/she could drown in the toilet. Babies are very top-heavy and don't have good balance.

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