In SF if a house is up for sale & no one is living there,is the seller still required 2 pay 4 garbage service?

SF = San Francisco, California.

Can you provide me a link to the ordinance online? Thanks. What concerns me is that the house could be on the market for months (many months) and paying for garbage service in an unoccupied house is ridiculous.


I got a letter from the city saying that the house didn't have garbage pick up service and that city ordinance required it. They did not seem to know the house is up for sale. I am asking this question bc I want to know the facts BEFORE making a phone call to the city govt.

BTW, in SF, the garbage co. bills you for pickup so it is not free. You can move to America, apply for welfare, get food stamps, free housing, and free medical care. But if you are American and pay taxes, you are SOL including having to pay for garbage pickup in SF.

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    The service is not rolled into taxes, it is a separate bill.

    I do not know where you are looking for the ordinance, but try looking under sewage. I know this is correct and that the garbage and sewage are tied together in the same ordinance. They would call it waste management, not "garbage".

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    The service is usually rolled up into your taxes. I have no kids but I have to pay for the local schools because it is considered social responsibility.

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