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Can a woman feel when a man ejaculates inside of her?

Can women feel when a man comes? What does it feel like? Can you feel him twitching inside of you or feel his semen squishing around inside of your vagina?

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    ya i love it when my boyfriend cums in me, feels like a warm gush inside and i can feel his penis pulsing

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    Ejaculating Inside

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    I can feel my boyfriend come inside of me. I dont know if this happens to everyone but dont you feel after someons ejaculates inside of yoi tje next day you are horny and you just want to have sex again.?!

    • My woman says the same thing....she keeps reminding to drink water all day so I can fill her up at night.

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    He Cums Inside Her

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    6 years ago

    Yes. I can feel my boyfriend's penis get harder and pulsate as he is ejaculating inside my vagina when we have sex. Its wonderful.

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    generally you can feel the penis spasm as it ejaculates. The biggest clue that the man has ejaculated is the heavy breathing and moaning and groaning he does. You won't feel his semen squishing around inside, but you will probably feel it dripping out when you stand up.

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    I can't feel it squirting out but I can feel it when my husband twitches about, it just feels like tons of lube

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    It's a good question ...

    I feel something cold inside of me when my boyfriend comes, but my friends don't feel anything like that , it's strange.

    I don't know if someone else feel the same, i think that depends of each person.


  • i can never feel it when my boyfriend comes in me, but i can feel it twitching around.

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    yes you will know when he cums. He is usually at the end of his thrusting.

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