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Why can you only answer 21 questions in a day?

what if you want to answer more

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    You should raise your level, which each level up you can answer more questions.

    Good luck.

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    level 1 is answer 20 questions a day

    level 2 is at 40 questions a day

    level 3 you answer 60 questions a day

    level 4 is answer 80 questions daily

    levels 5 six and 7 this is unlimited

    What you can do if you want to answer more

    is of course answer your daily limit of questions

    and vote for your daily limit

    depending what level you are on will depend on how many a day

    Another way to do is to divide the number of times you want to come in

    for example 20 if its once a day this is 20 a day

    2 a day you answer 10 questions a day

    4 times a day answer 5 questions a day.

    the points will be the same.

    You are allowed to answer vote a certain number of questions

    a day because this is to encourage you to come back tomorrow.

    Source(s): You have 166 points 84 more points is what you need to get on level 2. as you get more points you will climb to a higher level allowing you to participate and contribute more
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    You can answer as many questions as you'd like if you are on level 5 and higher. If you want to answer more and your on level 1-4 you can't answer anymore questions, and whenever you try, it takes you to a page where it says "error......."

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    Once you get to the levels in which you can answer more, you won't want to be bothered.

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    Then increase your level. I can answer as many as I'd like, it depends on your level.

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    You're SOL.

    It goes up as your level does. You're allowed to answer and ask more.

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    That is all most houseplants can handle in a day's time

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    its so that you dont get too many points in one day so that you come back to the website... i think they do that so you keep coming back to the website...

    please vote best!!

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    you can answer more and more questions when your rank(lvl) goes up

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