Is Key from SHINee Gay?

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I saw a picture of him and Taemin kissing. Ickiness. Don't get me wrong though, Key's my favorite. =3
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no. he is not gay.

watch that. key and taemin where partners in the suck and blow came. there was a piece of paper between them.

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Thanks! Great Answer!
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  • KeepingTheFaith♥ answered 5 years ago
    eh they do that in korea a lot
    its called 'fan-service'
    lol i think most girls in korea like that
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  • i wanna see that pic cause i havent seen a video or pic of him kissing taemin and no he isnt thats just fan service the korean girls go crazy over that stuff... the asians are also really big on showing skin ships towards eachother and alot of them dont consider it gay.
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  • heykzzz answered 5 years ago
    follow your gut feelings..
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  • ssong answered 5 years ago
    key is not gay...there are fans who do these thiings just to makeu guys freak out
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  • Michella answered 2 months ago
    Shouldn't you know better?

    Its not 'gay'
    Its not 'bromance'
    Its called 'fanservice'

    Can I see that pict of Key and Taemin kissing?
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  • Ria 리야 answered 5 years ago
    No one can know the answer to this question except for him. I wouldn't immediately assume so, however, since a lot of male Kpop stars engage in homosexual-looking activities, though many are not actually gay.
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  • Dum answered 5 years ago
    omg really like mouth to.... mouth? :-|
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