What are your views on Hip Hop: Music & Dance, etc?

I am very fond of Hip Hop: Black eyed Peas, Kanye West, Mos Def, Beyonce, etc. I always love the art forms that have evolved around the Hip Hop culture: B-Boying, Popping & Locking [generally street dance], clothing, etc.

Although most artistry reflects some aspects of the groups of the members that come up with it, i don't think any culture, espescially in the U.S., does this more so than Hip Hop & Black Americans. Hip Hop is a culture, not just a music genre, or a dance style, etc. Unfortunately, America has made the harsh realities of some of it's citizens, their entertainment: Gangsta rap for example.

So, this is for Black Americans espescially, what are your views on the current status of Hip Hop


Do you think Hip Hop has a negative or positive influence on society

Do "posers" : wiggers, etc annoy you

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    It's great. Originally it was used as a protest art form and criticism of the dominant class when it began in the South Bronx and Jamaica. Later, it was hijacked by white-owned companies and commercialized. Most artists, however, denied the restrictions and still attacked the white power structure. To them, black was beautiful, black was power and black was strength. That was when the white corporations couldn't understand much of what these guys were talking about...kind of like the drums used as communication during slavery or the gospel songs sung in the night to pass along secret messages from slave to slave. We used to communicate in code, and we did it well because we were working together.

    The difference in today's world is that we're not. Black men v. Black women. Southern v. Northern. Caribbean v. Mainland. East Coast v. West Coast. African v. African American. This is reflected in the music we are making today. The sort of "pop" songs (not the skillful ones done by the likes of Micheal Jackson, but the lazy kinds done by those who use the chorus, heavy beats, backup singers, sound enhancements, etc. to cover their inability to sing or rap) that we're making today are nothing like the ones we used to make.

    Black women and men are attacked daily in our music, while white & light women are glorified as goddesses! No wonder white men are the top buyers of our music now! I love rap, R&B, reggae, etc. But we're allowing them to take all of our music away from us and turn it into music that uplifts them and glorifies them.

    They took jazz. They took pop. They took rock n' roll. They made a copy of the blues. Now they created gangsta rap...a sword that stabs at the heart of our community...the black family...once our strength is now a weakness. There are still good rappers out there who talk about positive things or still speak the true language of rap, but they aren't played by radio stations, they aren't given awards anymore, they aren't supported as much and they are weakening.

    You're right. Hip Hop is a culture. It was a culture I could be proud of. However in order to regain our self respect, we have to retake our culture and turn it back into a positive influence for our communities.

    Black people made great music forms such as: Rap, R&B, jazz, reggae, bebop, funk, calypso, soul, blues, rock n' roll (is now completely messed up and corrupted), country (copy of the blues), dance hall music, gospel music, etc. In fact, most American and island music was created by black people. So we have a lot to be proud of. It's time we stopped letting the media and the elite use our own music to create & support divisions and in-fighting among us.

    Music is a very powerful voice. But if someone has stolen your voice or created a clever but cheap imitation, it is extremely dangerous.

    United we stand, divided we fall and they win...

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    There is a multiplicity in Hip-Hop, and most listeners don't even know it.One thing I would like to say, Black American create the American music scene. From Jazz, Blues, Bebop, Soul, Funk, Gospel, R&B,Hip-Hop and Go-Go music "D.C", and the list could go on and on. Right now Hip-Hop is cool, only if you search for the artist, the Hip-Hop game just got bigger and a lot of bad rappers are notice, but thanks to internet, you can find some good artist. Music has some negative and positive sides, the negative promote violence and romanticize drugs, while the positive side, it bring groups of people together.

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    I don't consider Black eyed peas, Beyonce or Kanye West to be hip hop (there was a time when his music almost qualified as hip hop but right now it doesn't).

    Hip hop isn't what it used to be. The way they dress has totally changed. I think hip hop died in 2006.

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    Lupe Fiasco is my Baby!!!!!!!!!

    The dancing cool and the songs are cool. PS Beyonce is overrated and a little too cocky for my liking but she has her hits i will not lie or hate.

    I think it just goes to show you that things from even the lowest realms of society can overtake a whole nation. And for some reason its always the African Americans music and culture that overtakes this country. I wonder why, its weird if you think about it.

    Pop locking used to be just some street dance, now if you turn on your TV its part of So You Think You Can Dance and etc.

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    1 decade ago

    70% of the consumers of Hip-Hop are Whites.


    Some of the Hip-Hop nowadays is on a downhill slope...the misogyny, degradation of women, etc. People merely listen to most Hip-Hop for the beat and they fail to realize the messages that are being conveyed--it's just party music for most. The public needs to be mindful of the music that they continue to support.

    EDIT: The American MEDIA permeates images of violence, sex, drugs, and misogyny. Hip-Hop alone is not responsible for the negative elements of society.

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    1 decade ago

    I like hip hop, dance especially.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Hip hop music.

    Don't really care what others think, I let them think what they like. But I just like what I like.

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