Mexico question!!!!! ...........^^?

Im planning to go to mexico with some friends from July 21st to August 5

Were going to stay in Canccun, is it safe outside in these hotels we are 6 italians just wanting to visit around mexico instead of just staying in one area. can point some safe places for tourists like in the big citys?

Thank you!!

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    Ok while I have not heard any specific cases of tourists being targetted for violence or kidnappings, since President Calderon of Mexico declared war on the drug lords began violence has escalated to frightening levels throughout Mexico but most especially in the border towns and Mexico City. The border towns should be completely avoided in Mexico. You will be at a high risk when in a border town.

    Tourist areas like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta etc, are in general much richer towns, have better police forces, less corrupt, and better secured. A house was recently attacked by the Mexican army and a small drug cartel taken down right inside of Acapulco. the fighting went on throughout the night, but tourists were not involved. The important point to note was that Mexican authorities would not allow drug dealers impunity in a tourist area and forcibly removed them.

    You are probably as at much risk traveling to NYC or Europe as traveling to a tourist location in Mexico. Crime exists the world over but the fact is that in small resort towns in Mexico such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, police are much better able to deal with it then in big cities and any crime committed against tourists is dealth with swiftly and harshly and Mexicans do know this. Tourists are well protected by the government in resort areas so don't worry. As long as you stick to the tourist routes and activities you will be fine. Residents in tourist areas realize how important tourism is to their well being and are always willing to help a foreigner out.. but then again its that way all over Mexico.

    I would say you shouldn't worry about going to the Riviera at all, however Mexico is not like it was years ago and it is dangerous to run around having adventures all over the country with strangers you have just met. These days you need to use your head and stick to the usual tourist activities and bars, and keep your eyes open more then usual. If someone comes along and acts friendly and then tries to pry out some personal information from you, get rid of them.

    As for danger from the swine flu. Time has shown that you are at the same risk in Mexico as in any city in the USA. The initial epidemic did start in Mexico however with the onset of summer the # of cases dropped drastically as the virus played itself out. By the way, nobody is wearing surgical masks anymore in Mexico. The best

    thing to do while here is avoid crowds and unsanitary conditions.

    Have a great vacation!

    Source(s): American living in Mexico for 20 years!
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    I have been to Mexico several times. I go to Cancun a lot as well. In a group most places are safe, but Mexico is just like everywhere else and has some not so safe areas too so be sure you are always with somebody especially towards evening. In Cancun if you like shopping go to the shopping market downtown, there are some pretty neat things there. considering you are a tourist they will try to price things too high, but just bargain with them. for example i wanted to buy something that was priced 100 dollars and i bargained it down to 30 or 40. they'll take what they can get. senor frogs is a place to hit up as well.

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    The only part of Mexico that is not safe is the border area...along the u.S. border. Otherwise it is very safe. You will be fine. Just use your common sense. you will find the people to be very kind, helpful and friendly. Cancun is on the extreme eastern tip of the extreme eastern state of Mexico. . Veracruz city and the city or Xalapa, in the state of Veracruz are great cities to visit, as is Merida, in the state of Yucatan...just a couple of hours from Cancun. Another great place to visit is the town of San Cristobal in the state of Chiapas. I am a single American woman living in Veracruz state...perfectly safely. Come and have a great time.

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    It has always been safe for me. I've been to Mexcio 20 times. I've driven through 18 of the 31 states and I've never had a problem--never been robbed; never been stopped by the police.

    Besides Cancun, check out Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Coba, Valladolid, Chichen Itza and Merida--see the map in the link below.

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