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Reading Books?For people who enjoy it?

Why is reading fun? What are the joys of reading and literature?How can I inspire younger children to read as opposed to television?

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    Unlike television, reading a book you can picture your own movie. I always used to see reading as being a director. I chose how the book was played out, I chose my characters by the description, and I made it fun. I've always loved reading, and I've always chose reading a book, over watching something on T.V. Not that watching a book made into a movie isn't fun too, but that's even better. I like reading a book and see the difference between it and the movie. That's always fun.

    If your trying to get children to read, make it fun and interesting. Pick books that they WANT to read. Lots of them like fiction stories that go into an outer world. Like Narnia. Make things fun, reading doesn't have to be just monotone words.

    Good luck!

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    Propose to younger children some fun books, with interesting themes for their age.

    Beggin with slim books with a lot of pictures.

    Before read, you can talk to children about the book with enthusiasm.

    I hope that it will be help you! ;)

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