how to write an affect resume! please help i need a job...?

most likel at a dep. store,, how to fillan efective application help please

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    To fill an application, you will need a blue or black ink pen. Do not fill an application in pencil. Fill everything in. Do not make mistakes. If you have made a mistake, use White-Out or correction fluid.

    I will show you how to write a resume. Follow the instructions below. Your resume should be in the format that I have provided.

    1. Open Microsoft Word. Do not use fancy fonts. Use only the basic fonts so your employers won't have trouble seeing. Make sure that it's free of grammar errors. Use white paper and not neon colored paper. Your resume should be one page long. It doesn't have to be two pages.

    2. Begin writing your name and your basic info like address, phone number, and email. Your name should have the biggest font. The other info doesn't need big fonts. Place your info in the center of your paper. For example:

    Jane Doe

    999 Main Street

    This City, New York, 00000

    (999) 999-9999

    3. Next begin your objectives. What is your objective? Your objective is what job you want and what you are gaining in a job. (**Do nto place the objective in the middle of the page**) For example:

    Objectives: Customer service management where my experience can be utilized to improve customer satisfaction.

    4. Next is education. List your middle school and your high school name. List the years that you have attended. Include your graduation year. If you haven't graduated yet, just include it anyway. Include the city too. List your school address as well. (***Do not indent or place it in the middle of the page**)For example:

    School name...............................years attended

    Brian Park Middle School (my city, NY)..............1990-1993

    980 Street

    My City, NY 00000

    Hansen High School (my city, NY)......................1993-1994

    576 This Street

    My City, NY 00000

    graduation year............................ 1996

    5. List your previous jobs. You should include the employer, date of employment, position titles, responsibilities. If you haven't been employed yet, skip this section.

    6. Next, you list your achievements and skills. Any academic skills or after school activity. List all hobbies, language skills, volunteer experience, computer skills, community service, etc. **(Do not place it in the middle of the page! )For example:

    Hobbies and Interests:

    Key Club..........1991-1993

    President.......Hansen High School

    Teacher name.......

    My duties include volunteering, helping other students, and helped other people understand the importance of volunteering.

    My hobbies are knitting, learing new languages, etc.

    Source(s): I have written plenty of resumes. You will need a cover letter. A cover letter is a letter explaining your skills, your interest in the job, etc. It's an introduction to your resume. If you need help, you can email me.
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    Have you checked out Yahoo! Hot Jobs? There you can create a resume. They ask for the info and you fill in the blanks.

    Also, some computers have software included with MS Works, or MS Word, and they have resume creators. And if you want to do one all by yourself, check out this site. It gives you pointers and tips to making an effective resume.

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    1 decade ago

    Learn basic English. I always find coherent sentences a good start.

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