Can I have multiple internet browsers on my computer at the same time?

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I currently have the AOL 9.0 browser on my computer, and this feeds my IE6 right now, also. I enjoy using IE6 moreso than the actual AOL 9.0 browser, because I have my toolbars more
Update : In response to kay, how/where do you choose which browser you want as more
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IE 6 is very outdated. Get IE 8. It uses less memory than any other browser (but Opera is the best in terms of memory) and is compatible with any website.

I once had 3 web browsers in my computer (IE 8, Firefox, Safari). Turned out that IE 8 was the browser that used the least memory, and Safari used the most. Firefox was somewhere in the middle. Uninstalled Firefox and Safari and now I use only IE 8. Turns out that having only 1 browser optimized my system performance and made it more stable.

You can install any number of web browsers. Just make sure you have enough hard drive space left. But sometimes having multiple number of browsers installed and/or opened at the same time can cause your operating system to be unstable (more crashing programs, more processes for the CPU, etc.)

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I just installed an auto update for Windows and IE8 was a part of the update, so I did a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone kinda thing and updated my browser in the process. I've been checking out all the functions on IE8 and so far I like it. None of my settings changed, and it's fast! Thanks everyone!
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  • William W answered 5 years ago
    Yes, I have a collection of 6. I've given up on Internet Explorer as it doesn't work and won't let me back up to an earlier version. I tried installing IE8, it didn't work, I uninstalled it, Now trying to install an earlier version causes the complaint that a later version is present even though it's not.
    I'm partial to Firefox, Opera, and Orca.
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  • Rabbitt92 answered 5 years ago
    You can have multiple browsers and there should not be any conflicts. I have two open at almost all times because one does things better than the other and vice-versa.
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  • beefhead111 answered 5 years ago
    I don't think they will conflict. Right now I have IE8, Firefox, and Google Chrome on my computer right now and they work perfectly together.

    I would recommend you getting Firefox it has been my favorite browser so far.
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  • ^nikki^ answered 5 years ago
    not sure about AOL, but you'd figure that since you can have Firefox and Explorer at the same time that AOL would be fine. I run both IE and Firefox and it works perfectly fine.
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  • JP answered 5 years ago
    You can have as many browsers as you like -- and they can even be running at the same time, too. I recommend Firefox, but Google Chrome is great, too. IE6 is junk! Good luck and have fun browsing!
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  • kay answered 5 years ago
    yes. you will just have to choose default browser(FIREFOX)! -all the rest are crap
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