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What are the dates and years for Galva IL tornados?

What are the dates and years of Galva IL. tornados

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    Galva, IL Tornado Strikes Town, June 1892 (June 12/13 )

    GALVA, Ills., June 15 -- Galva presents scenes of frightful dilapulation after the cyclone that swept over the place. There is not a building in the entire place that does not show some evidence of the fearful storm. Only one life has been lost as the result of the storm so far, but nearly a score of persons received injuries, from which some of them may not recover. AUGUST OLSON was killed at his home by falling walls. Among the injured are AUGUST, CHARLES and HULDA CARLSON, ERNEST DICKINSON, MRS. JOHN ERICCSSON, ALBERT ERICCSSON and wife, OSCAR, GEORGIA and JULIA ERICCSON, MRS. SAFSTRUM A. WAHLSTRUM JAGER, MRS. MELLINE, MISS MELLINE and C. J. JOHNSON. Of these nearly all received their injuries by the collapse of the Methodist church, where they were attending a mission meeting. The property loss is about $100,000. Much damage was done to property throughout Northern Illinois by the storm.

    The Salem Daily News Ohio 1892-06-15

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