Which Michael Jackson albums to buy?

I would like to own all of Michael Jackson's best hits and well known songs. What album or combination of albums should I buy?

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    The Essential Michael Jackson is the album with the widest selection of songs from his days in the Jackson 5 until his final greatest hit. Number Ones has a lot of songs from Bad and actually does not have all of his number one songs on it; it omits Say Say Say. In addition, some of the songs on that collection did not go to number one. Greatest Hits Volume 1 covers the period from Off the Wall to Dangerous, which was his best period of recordings. You might also want to buy the Jacksons Story, which is an awesome collection of Jacksons hits. Check out all of Michael's gold and platinum recordings at http://www.neosoul.com/riaa/artists/jacksonm.html

    Check out http://www.neosoul.com for a selection of mp3s.

    Source(s): http://www.neosoul.com/riaa/artists/jacksonm.html and the All Music Guide
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    Hi! That's a great question! So you wanna buy one of Michael Jackson's CD's? Which album you buy really depends on which time period in career you prefer. If you want to start early I'd recommend The Ultimate Jackson 5. That one covers all of the Jackson 5 greatest hits such as Rockin Robin and ABC. If you're into his early-80s days when MJ was at the peak of his career go for Thriller (has Beat It, Billie Jean) and the Bad album. I also LOVE the Dangerous CD - one of my absolute favorites is the song Dirty Diana. For more info see:


    Good luck!


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    If you want one album that will contain all his greatest hits in one place, you may want to look at buying "HIStory". It contains what he considered his best works from earlier albums on the first disc, and some new work including the successful "Scream", a duet with his sister Janet.

    I did not much like his later work, so I would say that you could probably make due with just getting Thriller, as it was his most successful album and almost every song on it was good. The rest pretty much had one or two decent songs with the rest of the stuff not commercially or artisticly significant, unless you are a die-hard fan.

    But hey, that's just me.

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    You really can't go wrong by getting:

    Off the Wall

    Thriller (almost a Greatest Hits album all by itself)


    The newer albums had good songs and produced a few hits, but I don't think they had the overall impact of those three.

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    Totally thriller. it is the greatest mj album EVER!

  • Anonymous
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    all of them

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