My Onkyo Subwoofer hums when off?'s weird. I think I know the answer but if it is the answer I think it is then the solution is painful.

My 7.1 Onkyo home theater system works great when it's on. I just blew the fuse on the subwoofer but it's probably related to the issue I'm having. When I turn off the system, the subwoofer still thinks there's a signal coming from the receiver (blue light is on instead of red) and it hums. If it recognizes the signal isn't there (i.e. the light is red), the hum goes away.

Further Detail: I'm in a home with very tight attic and wall spaces. Everything wired runs through the attic. The subwoofer has at least 40' of wire running from it to the receiver. It also may be getting some static discharge from the romex that is has around it (within 1') or from some other source. As I don't have a palatable option for eliminating the hum, we have been unplugging the woofer and the last time I think it popped the fuse as the hum was on.

Any suggestions that don't involve rewiring would be appreciated as that isn't an option. The subwoofer can only be in one place.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    The only thing I can think of is that the interference being picked up is causing the sub to think that there's still a signal. To eliminate the interference would most probably mean a re-wire, but I have heard that wrapping the cable in tin foil creates a 'faraday cage', eliminating the interference. For this to be effective though the foil needs to be earthed, and to do this to 40' of cable wont be an easy job.

    I've never done this myself and i'm no expert so sorry if i'm way off!

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