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i have tried everything to get bigger arms, been working out for 26 yrs and have been stuck for years.?

Have worked out with pro's and no one has been able to help


I am 40yrs. been lifting since i was 14. i was 140lbs at 18. after about a year or 2 of lifting hard i got to 195 and smooth(chubby) but thick. I had shoulder surgery and lost a lot, but am back to 195. im 5'10" and would probably be solid at 180. probably could shred down close to 170, but i would be freaky looking. my arms are a lil over 16" now (cold and flexed) when i was ripped they were about 15 1/2"

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    Genetics suck.

    Try targeting forearms and triceps, if you've been lifting for 26yrs than you've probably already done that.

    If you've hit your natural plateau than you know your other options.

    What are your stats?


    You just need to concentrate on your diet.

    Not to mention your 40, you may want to have your testosterone levels checked. It's possible you're reaching the lower end of the scale and just not producing what you should be. If that's the case HRT may be in your future as will some nice solid gains.

    Source(s): NSCA Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant
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    well. definitely take those "protien shakes". thats what my boyfriend took.. and they really worked, just work out when ur on it.. and it helps when you take those energizing pills.. i dont remember the names of them tho.. starts with an O.

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