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where can i buy a doorway chin up bar?

hey i want Know where i can buy a doorway chin up/upper body workout bar???? i don't want it to screw in to the door and i dont want one from amazon or ebay... i want it to be very reliable and easy to take off and on...theres 1 where u can put it on the door and do chin ups then take it off and do sit ups and pushups. where can i buy 1 and what is it called?


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    argos or ebay

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    Well... ***** Sporting goods has a lot of different kinds of chin up bars. I'm not sure what they would be called but I've seen the kind you're looking for there.

    Hope this helps!

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    At walgreens. It's like $30. Total Body Workout Bar

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    ARGOS do them very cheap on ly £7.99 and u can do chin ups press ups sit ups etc easy to take off and on

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    get the iron gym pull up bar (as seen on tv)

    i see it at walmarts no or other department stores

    where other products from "as seen on tv" are placed.

    i dont think you have to screw it in because you can

    remove it from the door and do other workouts with

    in on the ground. hope it helps!

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    I saw some at Academy Sports. I think they were $15.

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