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Iphone 3G video help?

will the now, older version of the iphone (iphone 3G) be able to video record with an update or will the "iphone 3G S" be the only one to be able to video record?

im in sydney, australia if that matters

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    if you jailbreak your iphone with "redsn0w" you can download a package (app) called cycorder. that is a video recorder. it isnt great, but it does work.

    first make a backup on itunes if something goes horribly wrong, but i can garuntee that if you do it right, it will work fine

    what you do is google "redsn0w" (thats with a zero)

    download it

    run the setup or whatever it has

    follow the instructions exactly!

    then when its all done and the iphone has rebooted and is ready to use again, go to cydia, install the complete upgrade it will have for you. then go to search, and look up "cycorder"

    in the upper right hand corner there will be a download option, then it will say confirm. confirm the download, and it will have a black screen with white codes going across it. when that is done and at 100%, it may say it is extracting data or something at the bottom. when that is done (if it does that) it will say either restart springboard or restart cydia. after doing the command, press the home button and your new iphone video camera will be there at the end of your list =]



    but there is almost no chance of anything going wrong. if anything does go wrong, just restart it to factory settings and install the backup you made

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    No the camera that is installed in the original 3Gs cannot do video even with the 3.0 firmware update, that is with a stock phone, I don't know of any apps that allow you to capture video though.

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    The ability to record video is a hardware issue, the best update you'll see in the way of the camera is hopefully the opportunity to send MMS.

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