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What kind of suit to an interview?

I have an interview coming up. I'm asian / 5'8 tall not pale nor dark. Athletic built. I was wondering what color should i wear? I went to check out Jos. A Bank / Macy's / Men's Wearhouse. Men's Wearhouse have cheap looking suits, fibers were coming off. Macy's were overpriced and all they had were black. had different variety. I did a good amount of extensive research and found that black suits are NO GOOD because its too formal but my friends keep on pushing me to buy a black suit because its a classic. I'm leaning towards a light grey maybe plaid suit. What do you guys think? am i wrong?

This is my inspiration for getting a light grey suit. Would this be appropriate for an interview?

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    Don't go with a black suit for an interview. Black suits are great for weddings, funerals, formals, and receptions, but not interviews.

    You can't go wrong with these colors for an interview: navy blue suit, light grey suit, dark grey suit.

    Plaid is great on medium to darker tan/brown tones, just be careful your tie isn't too busy with this outfit.

    One of my suits is very similar to the first pic you have. same color suit, with a nice white shirt, and a striped tie with black silver, and grey stripes, polished shoes....will look great...

    Any of these suits will fit the bill and make a good impression....

    I look for suits/sports coats all over from places you mentioned, to other stores like KG, Dillards, JC Penney, Brooks Bros, etc.

    I prefer 100% wool if possible, either two or three button suit, and try before you buy...look at small things too, like if the buttons on the suit match the shoes, good sewing, (ex.I saw a grey suit I rwally liked, but the buttons were brown and I wanted to wear it with black shoes).

    Grey and blue suits are great because not only will you look great for an interview, there are just so many combinations of shirts/ties you can wear that will give you so much flexibility.

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    It relies upon on the fact you need to make. if your going for a revenues or outgoing variety of interest your tie could mirror that. If its a extra conservative variety of interest , nonetheless the tie could journey that. If its a center of the line kinda element i might flow with a Blue tie with a delicate trend.

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