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Newton’s third Jaw makes sports possible. It says that if you push or pull an object, it will push or pull back equally with the same force. How does this make sports possible? ___21 A runner’s foot pushes against the ground. Usually the ground does not move. ___22 That is, it seems to push back. This push of the ground makes the runner to forward. The ground is very big, so the runner doesn’t feel the push . Sometimes the ground is soft, for example, if it’s the muddy. ___23 The ground doesn’t resist tight away. It doesn’t push back immediately.

Then it’s harder to run. Here’s anther example: running on the beach. Which is easier---running on hard sand or running on soft sand? ___24 When you walk, you push the ground. The ground resists, and this resistance help you walk.

___25 They help a surfer tide a wave, a skateboarder jump over a curb, or a soccer player make a goal. Your favorite sports stars might not think too much about Newton then they play, but Newton's are helping them all the time.

A.It resists.

B.Let’s look at runners.

C.What happens if the runner tries to run in mud?

D.You can find examples of Newton’s law in all sports.

E.All changes in motion follow this third law. Even walking.


People have always been interested in ___26 human being would develop in a culture-free ___27. Today ___28 is considered immoral to isolate individuals at birth ___29 experimental reasons, but such experimentation was attempted in the past. The Egyptian pharaoh Psammetichus tried to discover what language children would naturally speak ___30 they were reared where they could hear no human voice.

26 A.which B. where C. how D. who

27 A.ancestor B. setting C. sensitivity D. perfume

28 A.them B. they C. he D. it

29 A.for B. on C. by D. through

30 A.because B. that C. and D. if


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    21. B

    22. A

    23. C

    24. E

    25. D

    26. C

    27. B

    28. D

    29. A

    30. D


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