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Do guys prefer blondes over brunettes?

I really wanna know the answer, because i see pretty blondes & brunettes... and people say guys like blondes more... i dont know. i dyed my hair blonde cause i thought it would make me 'pretty' do guys prefer blondes or brunettes??


okay, im getting answers saying, "it depends on ur face" but not rly, dying ur hair makes you look different... i WOULD post pics of me with my brown hair and now, (which is blonde) you would see i look different.

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    when the brunettes mustache shows, they probably would pick a blonde over her. but when a blondes a total bleachblondewhore, they'll probably pick the brunette.

    it all depends

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    I'm not really big on blonde or dark brunette

    I like light brown hair :)

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    Its kind of like the Mary Ann or Ginger question. Every guy has their favorite "look".

    I find Brunette guys like blonde girls and Blonde guys like brunette girls. (Just how it seems to be)

    Source(s): Im a Brunette and <3 it!
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    It just depends on the guy...

    A lot of guys prefer blondes because of the stereotype that comes along with that genetic characteristic (i.e., easy, not too smart, fixated on looking sexy and pleasing to men).

    You just proved my last point here.You shouldn't TRY to change your image to be liked by a guy!C'mon!Find self-respect for who you really are and those around you might start liking you for being REAL!!

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    No, I'd say an equal amount prefer them to Brunettes, and Red heads... But then again, I'm not a dude...

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    I perfer brunettes, they look more seductive and sexy, where as blondes look more bubbly and hot. If I could build my perfect woman, she would def be a brunette.

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    defintely no. brunettes are more seductive, sexy, sophiscated, exotic& more mature. blonde is sort of a naive, innocent color for young girls.

    so dying your hair blonde won't make you any prettier. it's the face that matters. if you're face is ugly, the color of your hair won't change that

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    I am 100%, completely naturally platinum blonde.

    My boyfriend likes brunettes..


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