Fable 2 See The Future DLC?

I just got that DLC and beat it but I don't get all of the areas others do. I don't know where the rabbit hole is or the court of shadows. Here's what I've done: got the color back, gave the tomb the wisps and defeated the necromancer, seen the vision, and then fought at the colosseum. How do I get all of the other places? I've tried walking around the whole snowglobe but found nothing

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The rabbit hole is unlocked once you complete the puzzle presented in the book about the rabbit. You can do the puzzle in the Cursed Skull in the area where you fought the Balverines near the stones that look like Stonehenge. Once you solve the puzzle, an egg should show up in the skeleton's hands. Take that egg and go to the basket near the cave where you fought the Hobbes. It will be along the right side and there will be a small hole in the ground with some rabbits jumping around.

    As for the "court of shadows", the only place that seems like that would be the Shadow Court that you visit in Wraithmarsh during Reaver's quest. Looking online, I haven't found anything like that in game. The closest thing I remember is when you go through the door that leads to the Shadow Court in the "real world," but in the Snow Globe, all you find is the three Shadow Priests attacking that women.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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  • 4 years ago

    Its a royal scepter. Its essentially treated like a mace. A scepter is an ornamental symbol of royal or religious leadership. In Fable 2 however its used as an enchanted mace. It is mounted on you're characters back when not beeing used. Its not as powerfull as the daiche which is the most powerfull weapon on the game and easily obtainable. Something that can go well the royal specter is the royal suit which you receive at the end of the DLC - "see the future". (Note - "see the future" is likely not the last DLC but another DLC has not officially been announced yet). Hope this helps! If anyone needs help in Fable2/Fallout3/Oblivion message me and add me over Xbox LIVE Gamertag; ChrisDRob Good luck!

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