okay so here is some bands/music ppl that i like?

Owl city-Electronica / Pop

Hollywood Undead-Rock

Trevor Hall-Acoustic / Alternative / Rock

Wolf Parade-Indie Rock


Pitbull-Hip hop/Crunk/Reggaeton

Flobots-Classical / Hip Hop / Progressive


Braddigan-Acoustic / Reggae / Rock

Joni Mitchell-

Brandi carlile-Acoustic / Folk Rock / Other

Joshua Radin-Acoustic / Indie

if you never heard of any of these ppl you should look them up

if you know any one that is good to you tell me Ü

i love all types of music exspcaily indie rock,

here is some if you never heard of any of these ppl look them up


tell me if you like anyone of them

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here some that I like that you may want to check out:

    Jon McLaughlin

    Laura Veirs


    The Decemberists


    Amber Rubarth

    Amos Lee

    Company of Thieves

    Erin Ivey

    Imogen Heap

    Neko Case

    No particular order but you do have some of my favorites on your list.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Sat
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    1 decade ago

    Check Brokencyde lol

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