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How effective are 9mm, .357 magnum and .45 ACP bullets against SAPI plates comparitively?

I would like to know the effectiveness of each of these bullets alongside each other against SAPI or other ballistic armor systems.

We are also aware that there are different armor types for different bullets, we would like to know the effectiveness in general.


Does it matter who we is? If you don't have any actual knowledge of it don't answer...

Update 2:

We're game designers and we need the information, if you don't want to share it you don't have to.

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  • Kenny
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    1 decade ago
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    SAPI plates are designed to prevent rifle bullets from penetrating. Hell, the kevlar alone on the jackets would be enough to stop all of those (I've seen it with the 9mm and .45. I imagine not much difference from the .357 aside from the bigger punch).

    Effectiveness of them all? They're all ineffective against SAPI plates.

    Here's a .30-06 up against a plate. If it doesn't go through, those rounds mentioned sure as hell aren't going through.

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  • 3 years ago

    i'm going to place homestead protection as being relatively ordinary: I own a forty 5 ACP, and shop it hidden and not accessible for intruders. I shop a loaded 357 on my area of the mattress, and a 22 vehicle on my spouse's area. My 357 is a Taurus tracker style, with hollow factor cartridges, and my spouse has a phoenix hands semi vehicle! If all hell breaks loose, her gun is to wake me up in worst case difficulty. i think a forty Cal is the minimum in cartridge, for homestead risk-free practices. I observed a meth addict take a clip of 9mm and stored in direction of his venture. i'm no longer merchandising Taurus, in view that I unquestionably have bought different weapons of their style after purchase, yet this 357 is astounding! it is likewise a gun that if stolen, I wont cry over. i do no longer see a Meth situation the place I stay now, yet prefer to guard my family members if that style of human being breaks into my homestead. The ammo is extra high priced than lighter calibers, however the small physique, and brief barrel shop me with a able gun that optimistically i'm going to under no circumstances ought to apply! only my 2 cents...

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  • 1 decade ago

    SAPI Plates can stop everything up to a .30-06... iSAPI Plates can stop everything up to a .30-06 AP; that includes 7.62x39 AP and 7.62x54 Russian AP.

    An insurgent once tried to kill an American soldier by firing at him head on, only to see the soldier drop, then get back up quickly; eventually, said insurgent sniper was found and shot by the soldier's teammates and the soldier (a medic) eventually gave medical aid to the man that tried to kill him (ironic).

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    Add to that the high skill level of medics and surgeons and the close proximity of medical units to the frontline and the survival rate of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan is up to 98%.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just who is we? If it puts a law enforcement officer or a soldier in danger, then we becomes a very important question.

    Those who shoot at the hip should consider how this information could be used.....Remember that the bad guys have internet too.

    Source(s): a veteran
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bigger bullet....bigger punch

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