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Police Officer Leaves 2 police Dogs in car They die!?

I want to know how can someone who is a Police Dog handler be so damn thick to leave two trained police dogs in his car on his day off

go into the police station and leave them in the car when temps is over 80!.

Since these two police dogs are classed as police will this moron of

a policemen be charged with murder!

I want this guy hung drown and quartered!

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    The article says what punishment he's facing:

    "Under the Animal Welfare Act, the officer responsible could be jailed for six months or fined £20,000."

    I think this was a tragic accident and it sounds like they are all devastated by this. However, calling for murder charges is ridiculous. I know some people consider animals to be on the same level as humans, but they aren't and the law recognizes that.

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    Slow down cowboy. First he will not be charged with murder as the dogs were not human. No one who has ever killed a police dog has been charged with murder. They do receive a more serious charge since the dog is government property and is technically a police officer but, to say they should be or are charged with murder is just ridiculous

    Second. There was a case a few years ago about an officer who left his dog in the car on a hot day. The car was designed to have the air conditioner automatically come on if the car gets too hot for the dog. The system failed and sadly the dog died. It was not the officers fault but, a mechanical failure. The same may be true in this case however since you provided no link and I was not there then I cannot say exactly what happened.

    Lets wait for the investigation to find out what happened. I can tell you with some certainty that you don't feel nearly as bad as this officer. Police are trained not to get attached to their dogs as they may have to send the dog into harm's way at any time. The reality is that officers do become attached to their K-9 partners. It is only natural as that officer works with and in many cases lives with the dog 24 hours. A police officer who does not become attached to his dog probably should not be in the K-9 unit.

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    If the state has that law yes he will. Along with negligence, cruelty to animals, along with other charges. He's an idiot. I really think they need to up the hiring standards at all police departments. I've been a cop for 6 years and have worked with some complete and utter morons.

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    I don't see how he could do that by California any one who hurts/kills a police dog is charged with assault on a police officer/murder of a police officer. They're charged the same as killing a human police officer!

    The cops here even take the fogs home with them, then bring them to work.

    Poor dogs :(

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    had a civilian don that they would be looking at murder or at least assault on an officer charges, so shouldnt this guy be sanctioned somehow,?? Especially considering he was the dog's handler and clearly should have known better????

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    Ok killing a police dog while dog is on active is a felony..

    killing a police dog while the dog is not active its a misdemeanor..

    so for your ? if the dog handler forgot to put the dog up and its a misdemeanor.. and he mite loose his job and a fine.. nothing more..

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