Are the BET Awards the worst awards show?

I finally had a chance to see my very first ever BET Awards Show last night. Wow, was that poorly conceived or what! Badly produced. Badly written. And the worst part of it were all the live plugs for up and coming shows for the BET network. The Tiny and Tohna* Show plug was laughable. Did you see Tiny obviously reading the cue card? Then she looks up to get a signal to see if she's off camera, gets the okay and starts walking away. Problem was that they were STILL live! Did this show even HAVE a producer on site? You could tell that no preparations whatsoever were ever made. When Chaka-Khan was on stage with the other two girls, noticed that the other two girls never even tried to get close to the mic to speak? When they spoke you hardly heard them. The sound was atrocious. Did they have open mics peppered throughout the audience? Man, that's all you heard! And why did the announcers say who won said award without even telling you who was in the running? A 3-hour show and they couldn't give us a few, "The nominees are…."? The damn Nickelodeon Award are better than the BET Awards! That's just sad.

BTW- Snoop needs to stop it already. What was that, the crip walk with a little arthritis kick to it!?!?!?!? Snoop's old, man. Call PETA. Call the Humane Society. Call someone. He needs to be put to sleep already.


Princess - What difference does it make what age am I? But I'll tell you, you know, just to tell you. I'm in my mid 30's. So if I was 3 or 33, makes no difference, totally irrelevant, the show was horrible. Not once did I speak ill of Michael Jackson. So your notion that I should show a little respect for Michael is also unfounded. Here's a question just for you. How old are you? Someone needs to check their emotions a lot better. This is Yahoo! Questions, for God's sake. No one needs to be on a soap box yelling incoherently, now should we?

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    ugh how old are you bitchn bout the bet awards wow big deal they had a short time to do it not to mention the show was about and for michael i admit it wasnt the best but for michael show a little respect not to be rude or anything

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    i agree with you that the show was poorly presented, but you also have to think about the fact that they entirely change the whole show to pay tribute to michael jackson and they only had about two to three days to do so && half of the people who performed did a horrible job..

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    No, but Jamie Fox is the worst host of the show's history.

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