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Your thoughts on the Pittsburgh Pirates?

They traded away Nyjer Morgan......

What are they doing?

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    You people obviously didnt do any research on the trade. Nyjer Morgan isnt exactly young at the age of 28. He is a late blooming player and a poor mans version of Juan Pierre and may not have enough hitting to stay in the league for a long time. But he is a solid player right now, not good but solid.

    Lastings Milledge on the other hand is a highly touted prospect. He was with the Mets and still is with the Nats and hes only 24 which is 4 years younger than Morgan. Hes played in the MLB and has a lot of the same skills as Morgan like speed and defense but has a much better arm and power. Hes said to be a 5 tool player.

    I think every move the Pirates have made have been good and improved their team. Even though they traded Jason Bay away their best player in year Andy Laroche is playing great at 3rd. Brandon Moss may still improve. But the trade that let Mclouth go was bad, hes a good player who figured it out and could have been with the team for a long time. But the Pirates are on their way to getting over the .500 mark slowly but surely. Good young talent all around their team with Andy, McCutchen, Moss, Duke, Young. Pirates fans should be excited for the future.

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    The Pirates know exactly what they are doing; even if the Nate McLouth trade was a little suspect. Morgan is 27 or 28, and he is not an All Star caliber player. Is anyone going to win a World Series with Morgan in LF? No. The team is going to wait for their prospects to be ready, but there is a plan.

    1) Get McCutchen and Alverez to Superstar levels.

    2) Find 5 reliable starting pitchers (you already have two).

    3) Continue to grab prospects until you have a reliable players up the middle.

    4) After you have done those three things; sign a few vetran corner players who can hit the ball out of the park, and help you win a weak division.

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    The problem is for the Pirates-

    1. They trade away any talent they have.

    -Jason Bay


    -Xavier Nady


    - Jose Bautista

    2. The pirates haven't won a division title since 1992 (thanks to Bonilla/Bonds) when they were in the NL EAST

    3. Outfield: Bay, McClouth, Nady. This would have been a great outfield. Solid

    4. They would have been a pretty good team. Im not a Pirates fan and those are all the players i know off the top of my head. Those players could have maybe given their division a little wake up. They would have potential but they trade away every player that even stands a chance. All these players are average or good and they just trade them away for nobody. It doesnt make sense.

    "I empathize with fans who don't like seeing a player like this go," team president Frank Coonelly said. "Our fans liked Nate McLouth, and they should have. But, for the Pirates, we need to be better than we are. We're out to win a championship."

    - This is not the way of going about it. This guy is an idiot

    If you trade all your good players away for nobody then your not going to ever come close to a championship team. Stupid organization

    Pirates could be a great contender in their division if they didnt trade away all their talent. They dont even try to get anyone in return. They just trade players away like they are nothing, when they are the whole team. Its ashame

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    The problem is that the Pirates don't know what they're doing. I really wish for the sake of their fans, that their owner would sell that team.

    Pittsburgh used to be a good NL city.

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    maybe lastings will help the team? i am a mets fan, but i would like to see the pirates make a run at it.

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    The ownership is turning the franchise into a AAA team - sad for the city and MLB.

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    They can't even buy a winning season for once.... :(

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