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what does points on the back end mean in the movie industry?

i always hear that an actor or producer was paid "x" amount of dollars and he or she is getting "x" amount of points on the back jack nicholson got 6 million of the movie and 6 points on the back end..what does it mean?


i know it is a percentage at the end of the gross..but what is 5 points on the back end mean then?..say a movie makes 100 million..wat is five points on the back end

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    Points is just another way of saying percentage -- the exact nature of the percentage is why people have agents and lawyers.

    They can be anything your agent can negotiate -- but points are always part of the back end deal, never part of the pre-production deal.

    Sometimes a key member of the team, an actor, the writer, the producer, the director will decide to take points on the back-end rather than a better up front deal, if they believe the film is going to do significant business.

    5 points on the back end of $100 Million would be $5 Million.

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    I am guessing that you made your mother nervous with your career plan. It is not the job many parents would want for their children. You need talent, heaps of training and experience, good self marketing skills, opportunity and luck. Your Mom knows that there are thousands of talented, well trained young people who want what you want. She wants you to have a comfortable life and a steady income and not many actors have that. If it is your passion and you have what it takes then you will find a way to make it happen. In the meantime do some youth theatre and learn to sing and dance. Agents won't look at you without a high skill level. Work hard and make plans and keep going with the school work as you will need a job that brings an income while you work on your dream. Good luck!

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    Back End Deal

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    Usually refers to the percentage of royalties they are entitled to on the profits of the movie.

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    Who wouldn't royalties up their back end? 😃

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