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Alicia asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 1 decade ago

Serious computer issues?

We have a Nexlink laptop that is about 3 years old, and used frequently.

I was online about 20 minutes ago, browsing through Facebook, having no problems at all. I disconnected from the internet (which is nothing unusual with our wireless) and couldn't reconnect. Usually when this happens, rebooting seems to fix it. However, this time when I rebooted, it seems everything went wrong.

First - I can't connect to the internet. I've tried going to Control Panel>Network Connections, but every time I click on Network Connections, it freezes up and won't load anything. I can't even close it without doing Ctrl Alt Delete.

I also tried to bring up the anti-virus program (Defender Pro) and I get a message saying the program is not responding. I have done this 3-4 times now with no luck. What is going on with our computer?? Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you so much for any help.


Now when I reboot, it only loads the background of the desktop. When I tried to run it in safe mode, it did the same thing..

Update 2:

Okay, after posting this, I was able to run a system restore for a couple of weeks ago. I was then able to reboot in safe mode, and reconnect the internet. I rebooted again, and now everything seems to be working okay. I still can't get my anti-virus up and going, but I have e-mailed support about that, so hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thank you SO much for all your help!!

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    You should try using MSCONFIG in Windows XP to disable some of the unnecessary programs that automatically load on start-up. Disabling these programs will help your computer boot faster and crash less.

    1. In Windows XP, go to Start > Run

    2. Type MSCONFIG in the "Open:" box and then either press enter on your keyboard or click on the OK button.

    3. This launches Microsoft's System Configuration Utility. Click on the Startup tab (the tab at the far right).

    4. This takes you to a page with a list of "startup items." Startup items are programs that are automatically loaded every time you turn on your computer. Some startup programs are absolutely necessary, others are simply a waste of RAM.

    Remember, disable only those programs that you recognize and don't need to have running all the time. When in doubt, leave it on.

    5. Click on the OK button.

    6. A message will pop up telling you that you must restart your computer before these changes will take effect. Click on "Yes" and your computer will automatically reboot.

    7. That's it! Your computer should now boot faster and crash less.

    And you should also update our Antivirus software and run a virus scan,

    If the problem persist contact support

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    try rebooting in safe mode with networking(clickF8key continuously while starting up). You must use the arrow keys to go to safe mode with networking & then hit enter. down load & update & run After running that try running your anti virus program while in safe mode. Hopefully this will clear the infection from your PC

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    Reboot your laptop in safe mode, update your anti-virus, and run a scan to make sure that there are no viruses on your computer. You should also update your firewall to ensure this doesn't happen again.

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    Sounds like you need to defrag your laptop. When things get scattered around the hard drive, the operating system has a hard time trying to run programs, like going online and freezing. You might have a full hard drive, if so, get a portable flash drive or hard drive to move files to.

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  • bacher
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    you somewhat need to scrub out the fan. From the seems of it, this seems to be the wrongdoer. purely wipe the dirt off with a moist textile or blow the dirt out with a stress blower (doubt you have that). If it nonetheless does not artwork, sturdy success attempting some thing else.

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    you might have a virus.

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