modifying a dorm fridge into an ac unit?

Can this be done ? It gets cold, so why could I not just remove the box and place a fan behind the part that gets cold.

This is for a small camper btw,

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  • John M
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    1 decade ago
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    I think you'll burn out the compressor running a fridge constantly. they are designed to run intermittently.

    The reason that AC units go in the window is that there are two things created by the process of cooling the coils that have to be sent out of the room you are trying to cool. The heat from the compressor, usually an electric motor, but sometimes a propane heat source, and the water that condenses from the air onto the cold coils that contain the compressed refrigerant. Are you trying to avoid cutting a hole for the AC unit? I have seen plenty of campers use a small window unit made for a home, stuck out the window of a camper. It should work okay for you, just be sure to not have the soft fins facing into the wind.

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