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What percentage of Christians believe any Christian is going to Heaven, and what percentage believe...?

...and what percentage believe that just members of their Church are going to Heaven?

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    I think almost 100% believe all Christians are going to Heaven, they just all disagree on what it means to qualify as a Christian.

    Dave (above) is a perfect example of this ("...and not just say you are...")

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    Virtually all conservativly aligned churches are convinced that only members of their churches are bound for heaven. Everyone else is misled or evil and thus damned.

    Whenever they talk about "Christians" they specifically mean ONLY those sects or groups that believe exactly as they do. No one else, especially anyone more than slightly left of Jerry Falwell are Christians at all in their view.

    I'm not making this up. Just listen to them. Take dear Fireball for example.

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    if a persons IQ is below 120, he will believe in God and if we go further down the IQ scale the intensity of religious belief increases. BUT knowledge of physics and evolution is very important to make one understand the origins of this universe and life. This is the reason why most mathematicians and physicists and evolutionary biologists are Atheists, because they have seen the light of Truth. A person who believes in religion and denies all the scientific data which supports evolution is like a fish living in an ocean of ignorance who doesnt know about the world outside the water. So we have to use the Ladder of Scientific Knowledge to Raise ourselves from the depths of ignoance to the openness and brightness of the truth.

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    Show me the person who thinks they know who will inherit the Kingdom of God, and I will show you the person who will end up discovering that a huge percentage of what they believed and preached, is wrong.

    Heaven is a mystery, if anyone can't handle it, then that person has no reason to believe in God Himself.

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    I believe neither. and i believe that any reliegion can get to heaven if they follow the word of god and are obidiant to his will.

    for example i believe everyword the bible says! dont say thats impossible because i really do. In the bible KJV god says to get to heaven you need to do the following:

    Believe in jesus christ.

    Confess your sins.

    Repent of your sins.

    Be baptized in JESUS NAME.

    Recieve the Holy Ghost.

    Endure till the end.

    God says in the bible that these are the steps to get to heaven. So i follow them and since i started following this my life has not been any better. God blesses his children and the ones that believe and its true he really does.Signs and wonders foolow those that believe he said somewhere in the bible probly ACTS and its true!

    and i believe it doesnt matter what you call yourself or what church you go to if you follow and obey the thing god has said then you will go to heaven.

    Source(s): Apostolic Pentecostal. :]
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    I think most protestants believe all Christians are going to heaven, whereas the Catholic church has a number of prerequisites like communion, confession, etc.

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    I think God is so almighty and so merciful to us all. I believe that it is beyond our own understanding and comprehension to understand the plans God has for us in heaven. He is so merciful to us and yet we defy him so easily. God decides. I don't think any human being could have an input on his decisions, because he is so powerful and good.

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    i believe that if you really are a Christian (and not just say you are) then you will be going to heaven, regardless of denomination.

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    100% believe that their particular variety of Christian will be the only ones who are allowed the other side of the "golden gates", which is another example of the delusion required for the religion to "work".


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    everybody is going to heaven but most christians are going to burn before they get there

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