how do i know if i have an infected toe or ingrown toenail?

it hurts really bad and its been infected but it feels likes sumthing more

how do i kno if i hav an ingrown toenail?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you have an ingrown toe nail, it will hurt to put any pressure on it, even wearing socks will hurt!! Is it infected? I had ingrown toenails that got infected and had to get them removed. But I remember the pain I use to go through before getting the operation. I could not even walk without it hurting or bleeding. If it's infected you need to get it seen to by your doctor and usually they will try a few options to try to get the toe to grow out from the skin first, example they clip a V shape into the top middle of ur nail to get the nail to grow outwards from skin and etc other methods, last resort operation, but it's fine, not a bother!! But if its infected it will constantly be throbbing you and will hurt to walk or even touch, alot of puss and blood the longer you leave it I had mine for 2.5 years!!!

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