Cat brought in baby bird?

Our cat just dragged in a half-dead baby bird. We put it in a shoebox with a towl like they tell you and a little water, but we have no bird seed or anything. It looks like a baby, it's smaller than my fist, but it's got wing feathers, so i guess it's not that young. What should we feed it? Or what else should we do for that matter, just make sure it's comfortable? Please answer.


I don't think it's hurt badly. Just scared shitless. I only noticed it because it was squaking. My cat's done this before, but that bird was an adult. It flew out the window, however.

She's a lazy cat. I think she just caught it and poked it around. That's all she ever does.

Right now I can hear birds outside my window, (and i don't usualy. Not at 1 in the morning) perhaps the mother?

Update 2:

Also, does anyone know how I could identify what it is? I thought it might make it easier in caring for it.

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    I would have to tell you to try and get some red worms, you can get them at a bait store or in your yard...They are the small red ones you find...You really cant let it go, cuz if its that young it will probably die.But birds grow fast if you can get it to eat, u should be able to let it go in a couple weeks..Good Luck

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    Awwww thats soooo sad. I have a cat that brings in birds that are still alive(just scared and hurt a little). Ok We usually just set it in the back yard in the shade and give it some water and some dried fruit or fresh fruit. If you have any type of seed or trail mix thats good too. Of course you should keep it in the shoe box but make sure you give it some fresh air too. The reason we put our in the back yard is because the ones that we get just learned how to fly and they r not that badly hurt, so we give it food and it moves around for like 10 min and flys off. ok if you want to be really nice and help the baby bird to survive follow the steps below. If you dont want to help it put it in the back yard and hope it gets better.

    So this is what you should do if you want to be nice and help the baby bird

    1. Get a shoe box or anything to keep the baby bird in.(Away from and other animals)

    2. put a soft towel or soft material in the box.

    3. Get to bowls fill 1 with water and the other with either fresh cut up fruit or mashed,any type of seeds, bread/crackers, Trail mix ect.

    4. put the bird in

    5. Go outside with it for fresh air.

    6. Bring it inside and put it in a safe spot or if the weather is nice put it out there and make sure nothing happens to it.

    7. You know its going to survive and you can release it when it is either moving around normally or chirping and just looks happy and everything.

    8. Release when thinking ready

    So that is how you can save a baby birds life the caring safe way.

    Source(s): Me because I love saving birds from my cat
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    It sounds like a fledgling bird - not a baby, but not quite an adult yet.

    I'm sorry to say this hun, but few birds whom have been attacked by cats rarely make it.

    The best thing to do is to make sure it's safe and warm comfortable and hope for the best.

    Look up images of birds and see if you can find a match, see what they eat and try to accomodate to it's needs.

    Just remember though hun, there is only so much a person can do and it the little guy doesn't make it, it's just nature.

    Please don't be hard on your cat either hun.

    I know it's easy to be angry with it for attacking a young creature, but it's in it's nature. It's what cat's do.

    I hope things turn out okay!

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    Get a syringe. Find some earth worms. You'll have to mash them up and load it into a syringe barrel (take the needle off-not needed) Little at a time put about half a barrel into its throat about 4 or 5 times a day. When its appetite seems to pick up you'll be able to give it a whole worm without mashing it up or using the syringe. Check its wings for damage. If there's any damage at all, be on the safe side and wrap the wing in a naturally folded closed position and keep it that way for about 3 weeks before taking off the bandage. If the wing is broken it won't survive without treatment. Good luck!

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    You honestly can't do much. That's just the way it goes on a planet with both cats and birds. I put them in a box with something soft/warm somewhere quiet, hoping they might be less terrified. I've never had an injured one last more than a couple of hours. But I have had a couple of birds with no visible injuries fly off after a bit of rest.

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    It depends on how young the bird is if its really small then you will have to hand feed it for example mashed up porridge, baby food.. Also keep it warm!! But the best thing for you to do is ring a vet or take it into the vet.. But if its seriously hurt and you cant get it to a vet, the best thing you could do is take it out of its misery..

    Good Luck

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    I would call the local Humane Society and ask them what to do or call a local vet.

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    call your city animal department and tell them the situation and they should be able to assist i know from experience

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    that bird needs a vet...and most definitely his mother...but i must commend ur cat for not totally offing it..

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    end its misery its probly in alot of pain and if you want to save it take it to the vet

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