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    Construct an engineering technique to also promote gradually, but didn't have to reduce with the progress of modern science and technology in the aspects of constructing the prevention and improvement of engineering disaster along with the fast development of science and technology in recent years, almost rank high the hat of whole industrieses every year according to the Council of Labor Affairs covariance number of items of the construction industry occupation disaster occurrence, although Council of Labor Affairs and each section of government strongly initiate construction security under, the construction disaster is notable to descend of trend, the disaster of the construction industry occupation is still higher, therefore this research aims at the method that it constructs the cause of disaster usage risk valuation to provide construction industry disaster prevention and improvement of use.

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    This research draws up to aim at the problem of the construction industry disaster to develop a method that the perfect risk evaluates, mainly is make use of misty network layer class' analysis' method(ANP) and the method that quality function launch(QFD) to combine misty expiration mode and effect analytical(FMEA), the since low construction industry labor takes place occupation disaster of probabilityThis research mainly divides into two parts:Launch part in misty ANP and the quality function, this research aims at to construct the construction item of the engineering, disaster type and disaster reason three aspects build up two house of the stage qualities and make use of the relativity of of ANP method consideration its item also the method of ducting faintness again and make it be getting more accurate and objective.At misty FMEA part, aim at a construction disaster reason usage FMEA combine the method valuation its disaster reason risk value of misty reasoning to avoid FMEA too subjective and cause of deviation.

    The method that this research evaluates the construction industry disaster problem risk of development, be the construction industry constructs programme and security make policy a support of reference, and check the reference of the scene of the unit programme check point, with decrease engineering disaster occurrence of risk, then guarantee the life security of homework labor.

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