Michael Fortunati - Give Me Up

請問 有人知道 這首西洋老歌的 中英歌詞


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    Give Me Up翻唱Michael Fortunati的Give Me Up。


    lyrics: michael de san antonio/michel nigro pierre music: mario giuseppe nigro

    give me up...

    is it the first time in your life?

    or is it just another one night stand?

    do you want to make a fool of me

    just like you do with all those other guys

    now i lead a new life on my own here today

    and i don’t want to mess with no woman

    get me out of your kin, love is all that gets in

    pack you bags, save your love, what you can.

    give me up...

    you got this on your mind

    but i just can’t, i just don’t have no time

    i tell you again and again

    you better stop this playing on mymind

    take a hint, understand

    ’cause you don’t have a clue

    now i’m living up right for you

    shout it form the rooftops, you must understand

    i got somebody else on my mind

    give me up...

    2009-07-02 08:01:06 補充:

    抱歉= =我只有英文 這首歌曲年代久遠 我都還沒出生..

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